Gender Prediction

As of this point, my strong intuition is that we are having a boy.  Although we do plan to find out if we can, I thought it would be fun to let you know what the wives tales and myths predict as of this point.

Here are the updated results of a test I took at on December 7th:

You have a 28% chance of having a BOY and you have a 71% chance of having a GIRL!
                  And Here's Why...
                  You are carrying the extra weight out front, so it's a BOY
                  The hair on your legs is not growing any faster during your preganacy, so
                  it's a GIRLl.
                  Boys are carried low. You are going to have a BOY.
                  Sleeping in a bed with your pillow to the south indicates that you will be
                  having a GIRL..
                  You refuse to eat the heel of a loaf of bread. You are having a GIRL.
                  Dad-to-be hasn't been gaining weight along with Mom-to-be, so it will be
                  a GIRL.
                  The maternal grandmother doesn't have gray hair (dyed or natural), so a
                 GIRL will be born.
                  You didn't have morning sickness early in pregnancy, so it will be a BOY.
                  You are looking particularly good during pregnancy. Therefore, it must
                  be a BOY, because girls steal their mother's looks.
                  Your chest development has been quite dramatic during pregnancy. You
                  should expect a GIRL.
                  Since the sum of the mother's age at conception and the number of the
                  month of conception is an odd number, it will be a GIRL.
                  Your urine is a dull yellow color, so you will have a GIRL.
                  You are craving sweets, which means that it is a GIRL.
                  Your baby's heart rate is 140 or more beats per minute, so it's a GIRL.

If you go here you can take the test yourself to see some of the results.  There were some questions I just couldn't answer one way or the other, if at all.

If you go to the Chinese Gender Prediction site, according to them I am having a GIRL.

Other wives tales to predict...
 I heard that if you take a bit of string and dangle it over your belly, it's a boy if it winds to the left, and a girl if it winds to the right. Twins if it spins!
RESULT:  Didn't try this one

You'll carry how for a girl and low for a boy.
RESULT:  Carrying pretty low I think, so BOY

The old Italian way of seeing if you're having a boy or a girl... tie a wedding ring to a thread and hang it over your stomach, wedding ring down - if it swings backwards and forwards, it's a boy, if it goes around in a circle, it's a girl.
RESULT:  Didn't try this one either.

  The wedding ring on a chain and hang it over the upturned palm of your hand, if it swings backwards and forwards, it's a boy, if it goes around in a circle, it's a girl.
RESULT:  Didn't try this one.

If your right breast is bigger then you will have a boy, if the left is bigger then it is a girl.
RESULT: Left one is bigger, so GIRL.

 If your hands are dry and chapped, it will be a boy, if they are softer now then it is a girl.
RESULT:  They are dry, so BOY.

   If your skin breaks out, you will have a girl, it is very clear, you will have a boy.
RESULT:  Have had a few breakouts, so GIRL.

If a toddler boy shows interest in the mom-to-be, she will have a girl. If he ignores the mom-to-be, she will have a boy.
RESULT:  Haven't been around any toddler boys.

So, do you have a guess?  Email me and let me know.  I'm going to take a bigger poll soon, but so far here are the predictions of some people I know:

Frank (father to be):  GIRL
Rachel (close friend): GIRL
Julie (close friend): BOY

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