6 YEAR STATS:  44 inches and 35 pounds

 your sign is that of energetic Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, the sign that is associated with Spring, and the symbol of rebirth and all beginnings. 

Mars, the planet of action, is the ruler of your sign, and provides you with an extra portion of activity, assertiveness, and willpower. This makes you the fighter and the pioneer of the zodiac, who faces challenges with courage and bravery. If you do something you do it with passion and determination! If something bores you, you quickly move on to more interesting things.  You are the first of the three fire signs, an ambitious and charismatic individual, cheerful and enthusiastic in your undertakings. Others see you as outgoing and self-confident, and like to be around  you.

As an Aries, you rule the first house, the section in the chart wheel that describes the outward behavior of a person, the disposition, appearance, manners, and the sense of self.  You are a cardinal sign, which means that you don't wait around until others take action. In other words, you initiate action immediately, forcefully, and directly. 

Your strengths lie in your qualities as a leader; you inspire and motivate others with your enthusiasm, honesty, and straightforwardness. Since you are competitive, you need challenges like others need air to breathe. You are known for pushing any obstacles out of the way, and trust your instinctive nature. Your independence and power allow you to achieve your goals easily.  However, you have your share of weaknesses, too; for example, you can be impatient, and run the risk of acting too impulsively. At times, you can be self-centered, and tend to overlook that others might have a different point of view. When they do, you can become stubborn and  intolerant. Also, since you are slightly unorganized and unsettled, you are capable of driving others crazy. 




September 6, 2005 -  Nicolas is a big first grader now. He seems to do the best with match and logic related work and although he struggles with writing he is getting much better at it. His reading is coming along really well and he can usually sit down and read a short book on his own. So far he's adjusted to first grade pretty well, which I wasn't sure would go so well after having a summer off, but so far so good. His poor behavior marks so far have mostly been for talking or not paying attention, which is something we struggle with at home all of the time too.

Nicolas is a great older brother for both is sister and brother. There are days when he can be so sweet to Noelle and very helpful with her, but other days where he sometimes does anything he can just to irritate or upset her. He seems to enjoy playing with Noah as well, but as boys they play pretty rough and I know it's only going to get worse. I don't think it will be long though before Noah will be able to hurt Nicolas just based on the size difference as it's clear Noah will not be nearly as small as his big brother.

This summer Nicolas attended a summer camp where he learned karate, had cooking lessons, and went to the pool each week. They also attended many field trips and outings, such as to the movies and bowling. I think his favorite was the pirate adventure as he couldn't stop talking about that one.

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