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Welcome to the homepage of the former greatest civics group in National Junior College. It's been almost 2 years since the whole lot of us graduated from NJC - time really flies. Now the guys are half way through the journey as the defender of the land (with the exception of our genius Eu Jin who is spared the torment of the 2 and a half years in wilderness... lucky chap), meaning that we will finally resume normal studies next year. As for the girls, well, they must have been working their hearts out in university.

It is indeed wonderful for everyone who gave me your comments and suggestions to the site even it has only been fully opened - it certainly makes all this very worthwhile indeed. Hopefully I get to see everybody turns up and check on the site once in a while, add a couple of messages on the notice board, and basicaly have a good laugh around.

God bless.

Kin Ching the self-proclaimed class webmaster

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