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1.) Logistics


Q: How do I make a booking for one of Barga Properties residences?

A: Please call United States (973) 605-8551 or e-mail. We like to communicate with prospective guest to find out their needs and advise them on the best solution to their needs.  We answer promptly to all enquiries and personalized service is one of the strong points of Barga Properties.   If your preferred residence were not available, we can suggest alternative accommodation.


Q: What is the best way to travel to Barga?

A: For international guests, we suggest to fly into the international airports at Pisa or Florence. These are quite close to Barga and connected by a number of busses or trains. A car can also be rented in these locations from major car rental companies.  Alternatively, one can fly to Rome, Milan, Nice, etc. and then continue traveling to Barga by train or motorway. Again, if you let us know your plans, we can advise and suggest the quickest and easiest way to reach Barga.  In any case, detailed driving direction and local contact numbers will be sent upon acceptance of a reservation.


Q: What are the closest airports to Barga?

A: The International airport Galileo Galilei in Pisa is the closest to Barga. Pisa is connected by direct flights to London, Paris, Munich, Milan and Rome. During summers there is also a direct flight to New York JFK as well as several charter flights from various international cities.   Second closest is the airport of Firenze Peretola , also connected to the major Italian and European cities.  From both airports it is possible to rent a car from the major rental companies, including Hertz. Avis, Europcar, Liberty Rent, etc.


Q: How long does it take to drive to Barga from various cities?

Driving to Barga entails getting to Lucca by highway then proceeding to Barga on regular, two lanes roads. Detailed directions will be provided upon deposit payment.

These are distances and estimated driving times to Barga from various cities and airports:


Pisa                                 70 Km                        1h15m

Florence                        120 Km                        1h45m

Nice                                400 Km                        4h30m

Milan                        350 Km                        3h30m

Malpensa Airport        390 Km                        4h30m

Rome                        390 Km                        4h30m

Zurich                        650 Km                        6h30m


Of course timing may vary widely due to weather and traffic conditions, driving habits, etc.


Q: Is postal service available at the residences?

A: Yes, postal service is available daily (except festivities) at every residence. The correct address will be furnished upon acceptance of the reservation.   You can send your mail from the post office in Barga


Q: Is telephone service available at the residences?

A:  As of now, both La Terrazza and S. Rocchino have a land line connection. A landline could be connected to the other dwellings for longer staying. Please enquire to find out costs and timing.  An alternative is also to rent a mobile telephone (GSM) from one of the major Italian Service Providers.  


Q: How do I make a telephone call from Italy?

A: To make things more difficult, Italy has just changed its phone numbering system. To call within Italy, now you must always dial the area code (0xxx), even for local calls. To call abroad you must use the 00 international access prefix.  To call Italy from abroad you must dial your access code (00 from most European countries, 011 from USA) 39 (country code) and the area code (now including the 0) then the local number (example: 00 39 0yyy xxxxxx).  However, if you are calling a cellular telephone from abroad you must not dial the 0 (example: 00 39 3yy xxxxxx). Current cellular phones prefixes start with 3 rather than 0 and include: 330, 333, 334, 335, 336, 337, 338, 339, 347, 348, 349 and 360.


2.) Local Amenities.


Q: What is the availability of medical care in Barga?

A: Several capable physicians operate in Barga and surroundings, with several of them speaking English or other languages. Barga has a modern and furnished hospital, just minutes from the center of town.  Of course we sincerely wish that you will not need to use its facilities!


A: Is a swimming pool available in Barga?

Q : The town operated swimming pool is open from June to September. The pools is quite large, well kept and swimmers are constantly monitored by life guards. There is also a smaller pool for children. The pool is located about � mile from the center of town and the entrance fare is inexpensive.  Another large swimming pool is located at the International Tourist Center


Q: What if I want to go to the beach?

A: The outstanding sandy beaches of Viareggio and Versilia are about an hour away and easily reachable by car, bus or train. Barga Properties can help with organizing the trip and arranging resrvations at bathouses, restaurants, etc.


Q: What if I want to visit Lucca, Pisa, Florence, Siena?

A: All of Tuscany is within easy reach from Barga. You can easily drive to each of this city by motorway or reach them by bus or train. Lucca and Pisa have direct connections with Barga via Bus or Train. The best way to go to Florence is to drive or go to Lucca by bus, then take the express Lazzi bus route to Florence. This will save you the hassle of parking in Florence, and bring you in the center of town, where cars can't travel anyway.


Q: What are the local accommodations for fine dining?

A: Barga boasts a number of establishments both in the center of town and on the surrounding mountains, ranging from inexpensive pizzerias to family run trattorias to luxurious restaurants. Barga Properties can help you making a selection and arrange reservations when needed.


Q: What if I want to cook at home?

A:  This is certainly a valid choice! All of the residences are equipped with cookware, dishes and silverware.  If you desire additional tools, feel free to ask, the kitchen of La Terrazza is quite furnished and you are welcome to borrow what you need!   Genuine and wholesome food can be bought at the many food stores in the center of town, a short walking distance from the urban residences. For large scale shopping, a well-stocked grocery shopping is West of the square, and even larger shopping complexes are in Gallicano, Fornaci di Barga, and Pian di Coreglia.


Q: Do I need to bring linens with me?

A: We are sure that you rather stock your suitcase with souvenirs and gifts than linens!

Therefore, we furnish a set of bedclothes, including sheets, pillows and blankets. We also furnish a set of high quality towels for each person in your party. These items are renewed weekly. Please take care to conserve them with the utmost care!


Q. Are the residences furnished with heating system, washing machines, and central air conditioning?

A. Yes, all residences have a centralized, independent and easy to use heating and hot water system; in some dwelling fireplaces are also available, in case you want to experience the warmth and fulfillment of a wood burning flame!  All residences have both clothes and dish washers. Central air conditioning is not installed and is totally unnecessary in Barga, because of the moderate temperatures, cool nights and low humidity. Even during the hottest days, the thick  (1/2 feet) walls and shades prevent the temperature from becoming uncomfortable!  In any case, if you feel you must have air conditioning, Barga Properties can furnish a portable unit.


3.) Surroundings and happenings.


Q: What are the local events?

A: Barga is characterized by a number of events that happen periodically. These start with the Celebrations for the New Year, followed by the Feast of Ephiphany (January 5/6).  A small Carnival celebration takes place in February, including the feast of the


Once in Barga you can buy a copy of the local English magazine called Grapevine, which details all the artistic and cultural events occurring the Barga


Anyhow, Barga Properties local agent will inform you and advise about everything that is going on in the area.


Q: Is it possible to hike in the woods and mountain around Barga?

A: The area around Barga is rich of interesting places that can be reached by hiking in the woods, on well kept and clearly marked trials and old mule paths (mulattiere). Popular excursions include visits to the hamlets of Tiglio and Renaio,  Sommocolonia,and the major cave Grotta del Vento.





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