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Welcome to the 2nd New Jersey Home Page. This web site, as well as our Re-enacting Unit, is dedicated to the New Jersey Volunteers who fought to ensure the strength of the nation in the Civil War.

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New Jersey has always been known for the willingness of its citizens to support their country. During the early months of the American Civil War, President Lincoln called for 90 day volunteers. In Trenton, New Jersey's capital, Govenor Olden issued the order for these troops on April 17th, 1861. Trenton was innundated with men to fill the quota, so much so that New Jersey was able to send four regiments to Washington by May 3rd. The 90 day militia Brigade from NJ was the first organized body to arrive in Washington.

On May 3rd, Lincoln issued a proclaimation to call for three year volunteers. New Jersey answered the call with three regiments of 1,000 men. The First New Jersey Brigade consisted of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd NJ Regiments of three year volunteers. They arrived in Washington by June 29th. On August 7th, 1861 while in route to camp at Fairfax Seminary, General Phillip Kearny was placed in charge of the Brigade. Shortly afterward, the 4th NJ Regiment joined. Through the course of the Civil War the Brigade had it's strength reduced from injury and illness and 15th and 23rd NJ Regiments were added. As the ranks of the brigade were continally reduced, the 10th and 40th NJ Regiments were appointed to the First NJ Brigade. The First NJ Brigade has earned it's distinction as being the only Brigade in the Union Army to retain it's single state composition for the duration of the Civil War.

We are proud and honored to represent and teach of the bravery and patriotism exhibited by the original 2nd New Jersey Volunteer Infantry and all soldiers who carried the torch for the ideals of America. We hope that you find our site informative. We welcome any questions regarding the history of the original unit as well as about the hobby of Civil War Re-enacting.

Below is our company street. It will be found at the bottom of most of our web pages as a convienent and familiar way to navigate through the main sections of this web site. Simply click on the area that you would like to go to next.

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