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Welcome to Nix Mix, basically, the place to be.  This site is mainly based on, my mixed CD, "Nix Mix".  All my cd's are crap-free, all rock, none of that bullshit.  Check it out.

Nix Mixes
Nix Mix - Dec. 02'
Nix Mix - Feb. 03'
Nix Mix - Mar. 03'
Nix Mix - May 03'
Nix Mix - July 03'
Nix Mix Kicks My Anus All Over The Tennis Courts!
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"I went to the park and saw this kid flying a kite.  The kid was really excited.  I dont know why, thats what they're supposed to do.  Now if he had a chair on the other end of that string, i would have been impressed.
Why are you even reading this?  Its small for a reason.
Nix Mix - September 03'
1 - 11 - 04
        I am too lazy to keep updating this site, however i am going to leave it up for the track listings, and i will update for each new CD i make.

Nix Mix - October 03''
Nix Mix - November 03''
Nix Mix - January 04''
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