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         This site is made for those Nitto lovers out there who is desperately in need of money to buy better parts or cars.  We will help and award those who desperately needs help with money up to as much as you want depending on the amount of races you competed in.  (Version 1.03 Only)

All you need to do is follow the instructions below:  **For your own benefit, please do not share this website with others or the free money reward will be disabled.**

Remember - Please only use this when you are VERY DESPERATE for MONEY!!!

Instructions: (Please complete all of the following steps in order to receive Free Money)

(1) Submit your information below so we can help you.

(2) Log into your account after the required information are submitted

(3) Beat the Amateur Cup at least once but do NOT click get trophy!!  This step is important!!!

(4) Race the Sports Cup and beat it at least once!!.  This time click get trophy and move on to step 5.

(5) After step 3 and 4 is complete, race the first person in the Professional Cup.  For EVERY time you race him (win or lose) you will be rewarded with $1600 for each Amateur Cup you win and 2600 for every Sports Cup you win.  Ex. If you win the Amateur Cup 2 times, Sports Cup 4 times, and then you race Professional Cup 3 times, then you would receive ( 2 * 1600 + 4 * 2600) * 3 = $ 40800

(6) Log Out after the first 5 steps are completed

(7) We will work on  your account with our specialized program and you should receive your money (based on the amount of race you competed in) within 24 hours. (We will notify you through your email)


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Please tell us any questions or comments, we are here to help


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