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Update: 2-27-2002 1:34AM CST

Apperently there was a small problem with the font code, but I've fixed it (thanks ATI).

Update: 2-20-2002 2:36PM CST

Updated the TGA library again, did a major rewrite of some functions (mostly clean up).

The library now supports the following TGA formats:
8Bit (Alpha and Indexed)
16bit (RLE and Uncompressed)
24bit (RLE and Uncompressed)
32bit (RLE and Uncompressed)

Pretty complete if you ask me.

Update: 2-18-2002 5:44PM CST

Updated the TGA library, to add 16Bit Image support (still working on RLE compressed 16Bit though).
It's also my Birthday, today I'm 18 (yay!).

Update: 2-11-2002 1:01AM CST

I made an update to the font library:
Doesn't use display lists anymore (doesn't make any speed difference).
Got rid of the Font_Build function (don't need that, because it doesn't use display lists anymore).
Supports "\n" and "\r" escape codes now.
No longer a DLL (waste of space, and is a lot smaller when compiled into a project).

Update: 1-14-2002 2:11PM CST

I updated the Info page, the pictures are also up to date.

Update: 12-25-2001 1:36PM CST

Merry Christmas everyone!

Update: 12-07-2001 12:44PM CST

Ok, I added RLE support for indexed TGA images to the loader, I have tested it, and it does work fine (on Windows 98).
I also added a usage.txt file, and reformatted the readme.txt file.

Update: 12-07-2001 3:56AM CST

Updated the TGA again; added Indexed 8Bit image support.

I'm going to sleep now, it's late... or rather early... g'nite.

Update: 11-30-2001 3:25PM CST

Updated the TGA and Font Library (I removed the Quake3 font, and replaced it with my own).
Please read the readme.txt file in the archives for more info.

Both are on the Tutorial/Code page (like that'll ever change :).

Update: 11-16-2001 7:35PM CST

New tutorial

Shows OBJ model loading, I based the code on Nate Robins OBJ code, the loader has tangent space support also (for use with DOT3 bump mapping), but no material support (I figured it isn't need anymore, if you use textures).
As always, it's on the Tutorial/Code page.

I updated the Info page too.

Update: 09-06-2001 4:38PM CDT

I fixed the DOT3 Bump Mapping tutorial, see the readme.txt in the zip for more info on what I changed.

I made a small update to the TGA loader, but I can't remember what it was... Anyway, the version got bumped to 2.0.1. (must have not been anything very important I guess).

Update: 09-05-2001 1:11AM CDT

Updated the TGA loader (Tutorial/Code).

I removed my custom mipmap gen for the DOT3 upload, because for some stupid reason my GeForce2 didn't like it.

Update: 09-04-2001 1:33AM CDT

Updated the TGA loader (Tutorial/Code).

The DuDv uploader now supports nVidia's DsDt EMBM map (requires GL_NV_texture_shader, so it's GeForce3 only).
I also removed mipmapping from the DuDv uploader because it makes the bumps look too weird,
and nVidia's DsDt format doesn't support mipmapping.

Update: 08-30-2001 10:44AM CDT


My domain will expire on Oct. 29 2001. I have created a new redirector via, the redirector is

You still can access the site through as well.

Thank you.


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