In Memory of All Who Suffered On September 11, 2001

The Bell Did Toll.

At nine o'clock the bell did toll.

Our cheery smiles would soon turn cold

As we entered our rooms

The teachers were grim

It was as if we had

Committed a sin

There we did both sit and wait,

But we would never contemplate

What was happening in New York

Or in the Pentagon.

Events went strange,

So horribly wrong.

Then the principal spoke words so odd

Some teachers then looked up to God.

As if in prayer they bowed their head.

And this is what he said.

Prepare the children, do enlighten

Tell them age appropriately

For pictures tonight might them frighten.

Now we left, just the same, for recess came.

Outdoors we romped, played our usual game.

Not knowing our world would not be the same.

As the world would now remain

Outraged by all this

Terror, something amiss,

Trade centre, crevice.

Returning now to our class

We were told what came to pass

Planes slammed buildings en mass

In horror some saw the ..

Destruction of life

Added so much strife

To our little life.

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By D. Brand September 2001 [email protected]

Last update July 2004

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