Poetry Winging Through The Soul

Poetry talks to our inner being. It is music. It opens eyes, hearts and souls.

A moment of silence for all those who suffer and those who died.
America Under Attack

Read poem below and watch the slide with the song, "I can't cry hard enough."

In Memory of All Who Suffered ;"The Bell Did Toll".

A Tribute In Memory Of September 11, 2001 song;" I Can't Cry Hard Enough."

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Music Soothes The Soul

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Heavenly Midis
Amazing Grace

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Music happiness can bring.

Music causes the heart to sing.

Music brings tears to ones eyes.

Music stirs some heartfelt cries.

Music creates deep despair.

Music shows you deeply care.

Music make you feel so whole.

Music soothes your entire soul.

Music what a gift to share.

Music may you always be there.

By D. Brand April 2005 [email protected]

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