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By AUTHOR | 17th, 2007

Free Homemade Asian Sex Videos

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Tonight - X-Files star leaves sex rehab Your entertainment guide from Independent News and Media   Search  Online Edition Powered By IOL RSS madonna sex Feeds

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»   Newsletter »   Gauteng Western Cape KwaZulu-Natal Movies TV Listings Front Page Movies Music TV & Radio Food & Drink Reading Matters Stage Clubbing People Fashion Art All Africa Poker Internet DVD & Video Gaming Kid's Stuff Out and about Top 10 Stories Picture Gallery NEW - Free Newsletter IOL on your phone Cellphone Fun Mobile Games Competitions Picture Galleries SA Crossword World Crossword Target Horoscopes Crickler Advertising Online About Us Contact Us Terms & Conditions Regional Papers Post child porn sex Cape Argus Star Sunday Tribune Cape Times Pretoria News Mercury Daily News Business Report Cape Argus (Prestige) Cape Times (Prestige)  PEOPLE X-Files star leaves sex rehab October 7, 2008 Los Angeles - Actor David Duchovny, who plays how to give oral sex a womanising novelist on the cable television series Californication, has completed a rehabilitation programme for sex addiction, his attorney said on Monday. Duchovny, former star of the X-Files films and TV series, is married to actress Tea Leoni big booty sex and they have Erotic Sex Stories Post two children. The sex storys actor's admission to a anime family sex rehab facility free sex stories incest for treatment of sex addiction was publicly revealed by his attorney, Stanton "Larry" Stein, sex toy in late August. In a statement on Monday, Stanton said Duchovny "has Naked Girls Free Sex Cams successfully completed rehabilitation." "He is out and will very soon begin work on texas sex offender registry his new free adult sex pictures movie," Stanton said. Stein declined to say where the actor had been treated or when he left the centre. In Slovenija Sex January, Duchovny won a Golden Globe Award as best actor in a comedy for his role as Hank Moody, an oversexed single dad and novelist struggling with writer's block in the Showtime series celebrity sex Californication. Duchovny, 48, is set to star in a film called The Joneses scheduled for release next year. Reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis; Editing by Steve Gorman and John O'Callaghan        Related Articles David was addicted to online porn - report David seeks help for sex addiction  MOVIES Can Russell handle Nottingham double?   Meryl group sex pics honoured in San Sebastian   The Smurfs are going Illicit Sex Contacts to Hollywood    MUSIC Beyonce demands perfection   Pink: I am a normal person   I will tour again - Britney    FOOD & DRINK Reign of terroir in the kitchen adds dog sex videos source to any dish   On the menu: Meloncino   Local chefs to showcase skills at Montecasino    READING MATTERS Events - October 9, 2008   Book Reviews - October 9, 2008   Vote homemade sex clips now if you think Metro FM's got the rhythm    STAGE Mooi Moves for healing rifts   You'll be rocked, but sex vids not blown away   There's life beyond Bellville's walls    PEOPLE Beyonce sings her husband's stories post sex praises   Will wild Kate change her ways?   Lindsay's father is ready for cheap sex toys the ring    FASHION Fashion fundis flock to Paris   Lagerfeld's invitation to shop   McCartney's georgia sex offender boyfriend jackets set to conquer    ART Gallery guide - October 6, 2008   Gallery Guide - September Lolita Russian Sex Bbs 22, 2008   Powerful British art couple free sex chat rooms announce split     > National    Gauteng   Western Cape   KwaZulu-Natal RSS Feeds | Free beastiality sex IOL group sex stories Headlines | Newsletters | IOL on your phone | Group Links ©2008 Tonight & Independent Online (Pty) Ltd. All sex education in schools rights reserved. Reliance on the information this site contains is at your own risk. Please read our Terms Polish Sex Cams and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy.

Guilty Plea In Sex Assault - The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register Mobile Version:   RSS: Wheeling Weather Forecast, WV Contact Us | Submit News | Subscribe | Create an Account | Home Member Login: Email: Password: Search: Local News Classified EZToUseBigBook Web Special Sections  2008 Bridal Show Pre-Registration  Blogs  Local News  Sports  Arts & Living  Classifieds  Jobs  CU Galleries Special Sections Newspapers In Education TeenNewsline 2008 Bridal Show Pre-Registration Education 2008 Football Preview Medical Directory October Boomers & beyond Halftime Highlights Virtual Newsroom - Submit News Blogs Local News Top Headlines Eugene Blake: A Killer Con Man Business Local Columns Community Movie Short Takes Letters to the Editor Editorials Obituaries Crossword Virtual Newsroom - Submit News News WV State OH State National International Sports Local Sports WV Sports OH Sports National Sports Columns Ogden 20K Classic Wheeling Nailers Chalk Talk Mountaineer Madness NFL Report Video Highlights Virtual Newsroom - Submit News Arts & Living Engagements Weddings Anniversaries Columns Features Submit News Classifieds Local Classifieds Jobs sex positions video National Classifieds OV Real Estate CU Galleries Online Extras Company Profiles Newspaper Ads Brand Builders Ohio Valley Parent I Love to Travel Travel California Travel Canada Travel D.C. Travel Ireland Travel Maine Travel Maryland Travel Mexico Travel Missouri Travel New Hampshire Travel New Jersey Travel New York Travel North Carolina Travel Ohio Travel Pennsylvania Travel Rhode Island Travel Tennessee Travel Virginia Travel West Virginia Travel Florida Travel Hawaii Travel Georgia Travel Nevada Customer Service Find A nifty erotic sex stories Copy Become a Newspaper Carrier Subscribe Vacation Hold Delivery Problem Change of Address Career Opportunities Advertising Rates Contact Us Terms of Service Affiliated Sites Ogden Newspapers Printing & Technology Center Wetzel Chronicle Tyler Star News Ohio Valley Parent Times Leader Ohio Valley Outdoors Wheeling CVB WVWeb EzToUseBigBook Herald Star Seven Springs Mountain Resort Seven Springs Resort Realty Top Headlines > Local News > Top Headlines Guilty Plea In Sex Assault One to five years for Moundsville nursing home rape By ANNIE DIMMICK POSTED: October 7, 2008 Save | Print | Email | Read comments | Post a comment Email: "Guilty Plea In Sex Assault" *To: <--TO Email REQUIRED! *From: <--FROM Email REQUIRED! Article Photos MOUNDSVILLE - The final chapter in the Dora Allietta Memorial Home sex assault case has been written. After a year that saw allegations of deplorable living conditions, improper patient care and sexual abuse doctor sex at the now-closed Mounds-ville assisted-living facility, the man who is accused of sexually assaulting one of the residents has been little innocent sex sentenced. During a closed hearing in Marshall County Circuit Court on Monday, Roy Reed Sheldon pleaded guilty to two counts of third-degree sexual assault, two counts of second-degree sexual abuse and one count of indecent exposure. Sheldon's attorney, David Zehnder, requested that the hearing be closed, saying his reason for the request was that his halle berry sex scene client has psychiatric concerns. As part of a plea agreement, Judge Mark A. Karl sentenced Sheldon to one to five years in prison for each sexual assault charge and one year for each charge of sexual abuse and the indecent exposure charge. He further ordered that four of the five sentences be suspended, meaning Sheldon only has to serve a one- to five-year sentence in prison. Upon his release, he will be placed on two years of supervised probation and has been ordered

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to have no contact with the victim. Sheldon was arrested Sept. 19, 2007, after a 57-year-old female told an adult probation services worker that Sheldon touched her inappropriately and had sex with her in the Dora Allietta Memorial Home in Moundsville. At the time, investigators said Sheldon claimed the sex was consensual. However, they added that the alleged victim has the mental capacity of a 2-year-old and cannot consent to sex. Sheldon was residing at the facility with his wife, who worked there. In November, Karl ordered the home to be shut down on a petition from the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources. In that petition, surveyors of the home reported residents were not being cared for properly. They said the home had an inadequate food supply, was "extremely unsanitary," that residents were being verbally abused, medication was not being administered according to doctors' orders, medication was not locked up, personal hygiene products were not available and that residents were sex vid using soiled bed linens, bedding and clothing.   Subscribe to The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register Share: Facebook  MySpace  Digg  Stumble    Mixx  Fark   LiveSpaces   Member Comments View Comments: | 1-23 | Post a comment EllisWyatt 10-08-08 5:48 PM »Report Abuse If you get caught with *************, you go away for 10 years. If you rape someone, you get 1-5 years. What is wrong with this picture? Any legislator or judge who supports these insane sentencing disparities should resign now. A crime against another person is far more serious than a crime against yourself. I do not condone drug use but it should be decriminalized. If we deported all illegals and did away with harsh sentencing guidelines for smoking dope, our prison population would drop by 50%. Rapists deserve no mercy. When you are soft on crime, your weakness encourages others to missouri sex offenders engage in said crimes. It's time for a REAL change. TimSWV 10-08-08 4:51 PM »Report Abuse LK No not all Dems nor elected officials. JUST THE ONES WHO DO NOT DO THIER JOBS ! I pointed out the party relation to point out the fact that there are too few people oposing the local officials in Marshall Co I am probibly too close to the issue to be objective... BUT still have a right to spaek it.. LK0812 10-08-08 10:37 AM »Report Abuse TimsWV, you got a personal issue with the prosecutor, democrats or just all people in elected offices? lol TimSWV 10-08-08 10:10 AM »Report Abuse LK first time sex videos at least they should have made the 2 felonies consecutive the added the two 1 year sentances afterwards. Making this a longer trime Do the first 1-5 (either parol after 1 year (doubtful) discharged it in 2 yrs 3 mo; then started the 2nd 1-5 same time length as 1st one, then done the 3 1 year terms discharging each in 5 mo 5 days. Since he is asex offender AND his mother is a retired corrections officer from the Moundsville regional jail he hopefully will do "HARD TIME" I am done ranting, for now.. This is another example of people (elected) not looking after the people who elected them. BTW BOTH the Judge and Prostituted attorney are Democrats (yes I spelled it the way I feel about him) COME ON it is the LEAST that should happen to this scum. Tenente61 10-07-08 9:11 PM »Report Abuse Momma2Alex "I'm baffled though, as I didn't see where he'll have to register as a sex offender. Did I miss that somewhere?" Channel 7 news reported Www Free Sex Pic that he would have to register. Momma2Alex 10-07-08 8:50 PM »Report Abuse I'm just astonished. Of course the home made sex prosecutor offered a plea to keep the woman from having to testify. I understand and support that. I'm baffled though, as I didn't see where he'll have to register as a sex offender. Did I miss that somewhere? whisperinghope 10-07-08 6:59 PM »Report Abuse I have a question concerning this home. If the living conditions were so deplorable, where were the families of these ppl? were there any complaints before this happened and if so, why wasn't something done before this? Just wondering. Are there going to be more convictions in this matter? Will the ppl who own and run this home going to miami sex actors be made accountable? If I had a loved there I would be asking these questions. Just shutting it down seems to be letting someone or someones off the hook, or am I missing something? I don't live in the valley anymore, so I may have missed some facts on this one. PCGS70 10-07-08 6:11 PM »Report Abuse And his butt crack showing below the T-shirt makes a good impression. Is the victim going to have a baby? popeye 10-07-08 5:03 PM »Report Abuse Looks like he needs a manzeer. LK0812 10-07-08 3:46 PM »Report Abuse nicetry, if you've been involved in law enforcement for twenty years you know that it's not what you know, it's what you can prove in court with admissible evidence. I'm somewhat familiar with this case (through the victim). LK0812 10-07-08 3:44 PM »Report Abuse Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I wouldn't have liked to see this POS go away for a very long time, I'm just saying that sometimes the evidence or circumstances dictate what is the best possible outcome that can be achieved in a particular prosecution. But you're right, the judge could reject the plea agreement. LK0812 10-07-08 3:42 PM »Report Abuse "LK 1 to 5(i am not sure but will taker your word for it for now) may be the max for the individual offence (u r right it is way too %^&* light) however with 5 convictions what is wrong with making it 5 1 to 5 sentances in eleven sex a row (5 to 25 ??? by the way are youalso a sex offender ? you seem kinda easy on this one ..... Nice Try They are not even piggy backed 4 of them are suspended !" This mis-information is exactly what I'm talking about. There were only two felonies charged. LK0812 10-07-08 3:40 PM »Report Abuse Tim, only two of the charges were felonies (1-5) the rest were only misdemeanors. The bottom line is that the statutes don't protect people like this victim enough. JMHO TimSWV 10-07-08 3:12 PM »Report Abuse LK also the judge doesn't HAVE to live with it he is the final word on sentancing...Consecutive; concurrent , or suspended. Karl should be assamed of himself as he has disrespected lawyers (and this is hard to do) himself and most of sex trafficking all the citizens of Marshall County and West Virginia. TimSWV 10-07-08 3:07 PM »Report Abuse LK 1 to 5(i am not sure but will taker your word for it for now) may be the max for the individual offence (u r right it is way too %^&* light) however with 5 convictions what is wrong with making it 5 1 to 5 sentances in a row (5 to 25 ??? by the way sex stories free are youalso a sex offender ? you seem kinda easy on this one ..... Nice Try They are not even piggy backed 4 of them are suspended ! nicetry 10-07-08 1:28 PM »Report Abuse LK, The judge didn't have to piggy back the charges, which should have been boxcared. I do know what I am talking about. Over 20 yrs law enforcement. Mom2Four 10-07-08 11:41 AM »Report Abuse I HOPE THE MARSHALL COUNTYY VOTERS REMEMBER THIS WHEN

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HE COMES UP FOR RE-ELECTION ---------- Who would you recommend we vote for? Its not like he ever runs opposed! LK0812 10-07-08 10:49 AM »Report Abuse I love all you armchair legal free sex personals experts who rush to get on a newspaper blog to spout off with NO knowledge of the facts, the evidence or the realities of these Female Sex Employee At Chennai cases. The victim had her own lawyer appointed, and he was very strongly in favor of gay male sex this agreement and AGAINST her having to testify. Also, 1-5 years is the MAXIMUM SENTENCE set by statute for these felonies, if you don't like that then you need to contact your legislators. Sometimes things are done for reasons that even the prosecutors and judges don't like, but have to live with. TimSWV 10-07-08 10:18 AM »Report Abuse ABCDEFGHI Wake up and improve your information. THE JUDGE can reject any and all plea agreements. beach sex He can accept, reject amd/or modify them as he sees fit. in this case the year and a 1/2 (at most) he will do is a POOR JUDGEMENT call on both him (judge) and the prostituting attorney. (yes I spelled it as I see accurate) Yes "nice try" I toooo hope that he gets bunked with "Bubba" and the boyz bbmcfarland 10-07-08 9:45 AM »Report Abuse The "pop machine bandit" gets a stiffer sentence than this guy. I'm going to hurl my Cheerios. nicetry 10-07-08 9:26 AM »Report Abuse This piece of **** did 13 months of home confinment, this means he will be discharged in a year and a half. That makes me sick. With the back up in the jails he'll never see a prison before he discharges. Trust me he will do it again when he gets out. I hope the puss gut get one in the a** while he is in jail. ABCDEFGHI 10-07-08 8:51 AM »Report Abuse LMAO--typical response form someone who has no idea--maybe someone should ask why there was even a plea agreement offered i nthis case? Those come from the attorney's involved, hence, prosecutor and defense attorney, not the presiding judge, he works with what is handed to him. TimSWV 10-07-08 8:03 AM »Report Abuse I HOPE THE MARSHALL COUNTYY VOTERS REMEMBER THIS WHEN HE COMES Free Woman And Dog Sex UP FOR porn sex RE-ELECTION !!! I assure you amateur sex videos that my family and I will !! 1 to 5 is BULL S---. as I said in previous remarks "Liberal Judges" would set this animal free. This High School Sex Pics animal deserves to at least do time for all of his crimes !!! Karl obviously doesn't live on Fish Creek or have an elderly/disabled famly member who he cares about. Opps i forgot the rich don't put thier family in homes localy they send them off to a distant place so they don't have the "shame' of dealing with them !! You must first login before you can comment. Existing Member Login Not a Member? Create a Member Account   *Your email address: <--Email REQUIRED! *Password: Forgot Password? <--Password REQUIRED!   Remember my email address.   Special Sections  2008 Bridal Show Pre-Registration  Blogs  Local News  Sports  Arts & Living  Classifieds  Jobs  CU Galleries   The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register 1500 Main St. | Wheeling, WV 26003 304.233.0100 (local) | 800.852.5475 (toll-free) (The 800 number is only active for those with 740 or 304 area codes) © 2008 . All rights reserved.| Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

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