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Orders are now being accepted for the West Nissouri History Book ... the book launch was held in November 2003.


In July 1999, several interested parties met to discuss the possibilities of producing a comprehensive history of West Nissouri Township. Monthly meetings were held throughout the summer and autumn to begin organizing the project. In November, the group formed the West Nissouri Historical Society (WNHS) in order to maintain interest in local history after the book project was completed. Interest in both the WNHS and the Book Project have grown steadily as a result of newspaper articles, recruiting members from established local clubs and organizations, and word of mouth.

Mission Statement

The goal of members of the WNHS is "to preserve and promote the social, economic, and cultural history of West Nissouri Township."


Membership is open to all individuals who share a common interest and desire to preserve and promote the history of the township. Meetings are monthly at the Township Office, 190 King Street, Thorndale, Ontario. Dates and locations of our meetings and other activities are listed in our Calendar of Events. Membership to the organization is free. Officers of the organization include a president; vice president; treasurer; and secretary. Elections are held annually.

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The West Nissouri Historical Society gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, an agency of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Recreation, which receives annually $100 million in government funding generated through Ontario's charity casino initiative. The Foundation provides grants to eligible charitable and non-for-profit organizations in the arts, culture, sports, recreation, environment and social services sectors.
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