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Skin Care            

Know your skin type!



  • Mix Multanimutti with lemon and apply it on face. Leave until it dries and den wash it off. (use this once in a month for better result) If u use regularly then don't mix it up with lemon instead mix it up with rose water.
  •  Have carrot juice every morning to have a glowing skin.
  • Drink more water to internally preventing your skin from acne.

 Every day care your face for not more than ten minutes.. Three steps to follow everyday!

step1 Cleanse

use a mild cleanser or less acidic bath soap and cleanse your face thoroughly. This will remove all the dirt from pores.          

step2 Toning

After cleansing pores will be open and so use a toner which closes the pores. If your skin is oily type then use astringent instead of a toner. Select a toner that suits your skin type. Toning prevents accumulation of excess dirt into the pores.

step3 apply lotion/cream

use appropriate cream/lotion that suits your skin type before going out.


  •  Soak two Badam along with Saffron in water for atleast six hours.
  • make it into paste and mix it with milk
  • Cleanse your face and then apply this mix on your face.
  • Wash your face after twenty minutes

for best result use daily for a month                                

Eye care

  straining your eyes causes dark circles.

  • Sound sleep(atleast 6 hrs) is required for your eyes.
  • Take vitamin A or vitamin E tablets regularly to get rid of dark circles under eyes.
  • Externally you can prepare a mixture of cucumber and milk, apply under eyes for ten min and then wash it off. You can follow this everyday atleast for two weeks.

Sun tan

  •  To remove the Sun tan, Crush a tomato and apply the juice on face, neck and hands. Wash it after fifteen minutes. Within a week you will feel the difference..
  • Use appropriate sunscreen lotion that suits your skin type.


Make your skin soft

mix sugar with lemon juice, apply on your body and scrub it until the sugar blocks dissolve.. After washing it you will feel the softness in your body! Try this on your hand and mail me if it doesn't work!


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