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Sept 10th
Holy shit! I like totally never typed in here over the summer.
I almost forgot about HTML, I gotta read through stuff again to jog my memory.
Well my summer was spent on bnet and playing Diablo 2 LoD.
I love Diablo 2 LoD, I don't know what I'd do without it, but I also forgot about the books I was reading.
I finally finished "They Whisper," which I thought to be a horror novel, but it turned out to be a strange, messed up romance novel.
Well the humilation of going back to school when I should have graduated wasn't quite as bad as I had expected, but I can still imagine people thinking "poor her"
I hate that feeling that people feel sorry for me
Well I got two study halls, but I don't know for how long cuz I'm not supposed to have them both.
I like French class, I know a little bit of the language already
I had thought though that it would be funner with my friends in it.
But Cindy and Ben flirt and Chris and Sam flirt most of the time.
I'm all alone in the back.
Oh yea, and Doug is in the class too, over at the other school.
I typed him an email, but he didn't type back.
I guess he either doesn't check his email or he just doesn't wanna type back
I like graphic arts class, it's fun, kinda easy and I actually learn stuff
Econ, Writing, and Math are gonna be kinda hard for me
Econ... I don't have any friends in there.
Writing... Heh, I don't really like writing... least not to an audience that I know
Like this is okay, I type and I know that not many people will read it
So I'm okay with it.
Math... omg I'm stuck with a bunch of sophomores... ugh
It was tolerable with Cindy in it
But she had to move
Math seems easy tho
Well yea...
That's it for today cuz I'm gonna copy this all to my other site
catch ya later :P

May 25th
this is the last day for seniors
unfortunately im still here :(
o well
Happy news!
i showed my poems to my lit teacher
and she said that they were good
scary huh?
i guess im not a total idiot and im not really that bad at writing stuff
its like...
major suprise to me, ya no
so my days ok now
i was like totally like blah, 3rd and 4th classes
cuz i aint gonna graduate this yr
that really got me down
but its my fault that ima idoit, ya no
its just that sometimes it feels like its too much, ya no
i say "ya no" too much dont i?
lol, yep
so well my day started out bad, and rite now its kinda good
happy, well kinda
the teacher also said they sounded sad
i could try to write sumthin, like, not so depressing
i guess, if i put some effort into it
but, argh, im too lazy

april 29th
well i had a nice nap during german today :P
and i woke up to the principal sayin that im not learnin while im sleepin
yea thats true
but ya no some studies say that if u listen to stuff when ur sleepin u remember it in ur unconcious mind
sounds like i actually no wat im typin bout
scary huh?
well im still kinda passin the class
and i do no the basics
i admit i aint learnin as much as i should tho
me learned that me is passin language class too and wit a C!
wat wit my wonderful grammar and such
yea well its a american lit class
thankfully no grammar
id fail then
as u can c by my grammar here
umm... im passin bio.. wit a D-, still passin
now econ...
i did the lil assignments
er... wat i remembered to turn in
but the big project thing...
i put in the folder
hopefully me no fail
me seriously no wanna take econ next yr
me no wanna take nuthin next yr..
but o well
ill take sociology again
i liked that class
even tho i failed it
like the teacher
hey nuthin really depressin today
cept that i remembered once again
im gonna hafta go back again next yr...
hey me typed 2 dayz ina row!!
yay for me
well i suppose thats bout it
cya next time
on the strange and horribly borin life of ME!!

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