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Name : Niraj Agarwal
E-Mail: [email protected]
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FAssistant Utility v5.00 (Released on 25-Dec-2007)
FAssistant.jar (For Upgrades only)
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About Personal Finance Assistant Utility
This utility is answer to most of your personal and finance information storage and analysis needs. You can store and analyze following things form one single application instead of depending on number of applications or means to get the same info.
  1. Income from different sources, salary income, part-time job income, income from rent etc.
  2. Expenses you do
  3. Money you owe to or from someone
  4. Expense share with your room-mate/partner or friends
  5. Your bank account information, transactions (deposit, withdrawal, interests earned), start date, maturity date, interest rate
  6. You investments on stocks/securities, sell/purchase of stocks, dividends, earnings (profit/loss), expected earning, complete stock analysis in % as well as actual numbers. You can also know your Smart Earnings by taking time-frame in consideration of your investment or reinvestment on stocks
  7. Your loan and policy account information, payments, start date, maturity date, interest rate
  8. Important information storage as secured or unsecured. Like your car details, passport details, utility accounts (electricity, water, phone) details, important numbers or info that you may need time to time and you want to keep it handy.
  9. Important Date Reminders like reminders about appointments, meetings. These can be categorized as once, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. You will see a notification on the main screen about today's appointments and meetings.
  10. Personal Address Book to store address, phone numbers, work related details, dependent details, birth date, marriage anniversary date. And yes you need not to store birth year, just date and month is sufficient.
  11. Store all your online user ids/passwords, ATM pin numbers or any other highly confidential info to retrieve it any time with out any hassle. No one else can view these confidential information. You just need to remember one user id/password to see confidential info using this utility.
  12. Reports to analyze your expenses and incomes in number of your own customized ways. Like daily, monthly, yearly, grouped by expense/income types, expense/income modes, between 2 specified dates and much more. You can combine various income and expense accounts in a way you want (add/subtract) to get the desired output i.e. (Saving = Income Account 1 + Income Account 2 - Expense Account 1 - Expense Account 2)
  13. Reports to analyze your financial status like total money in all your bank accounts and stocks, how much total cash you have on hand at any point of time, how much in total you have paid in all your loans and policies, how much total profit or loss you made in stocks, total interest earned in all your accounts. You can combine (add/subtract) all your accounts (Bank/Loan/Policy/Stocks) with each other to get the desired output.
  14. Any of the expense/income/information/transactions/payments/address can be searched using search screen provided for each type of account. You can customize your search in any way you want. You can also determine monthly or yearly averages for all your expenses/incomes/transactions/payments against each attribute (expense type, income type, payment type, transaction type, income mode, expense mode etc.) using search (*Group Average function) screen.
  15. You can first create a report in the desired format and then save it in a text file for taking printout or sending to someone as a formatted text file. Most of the report screens, search screens and account details screens have "Save To File" functionality to save data shown on screen in a formatted text file.
  16. There are about 85 countries/currencies that can be supported by this application. You can add/delete currencies to the application from a pre-defined list of currencies also you can add your own symbol/name to it.
  17. Add your own income types, expense types, income modes, expense modes to the application and use them in accounts you create.
  18. Export the complete data dump of the application in a text file for backup or migration purpose. The exported file can be imported in a newly installed or exiting application any time. Export and Import both are always password protected (admin user id/password). So no one else can export or import data to/from the application. Application can also automatically make a copy of exiting data file before importing any data file using import functionality. You can control the behavior of import data file functionality as you want.
  19. Data import (v4.00 or higher) has backward compatibility for earlier versions so do not worry if you want to upgrade to a newer version of the application. You can use smart import functionality to make the version specific changes automatically.
  20. You can customize the GUI of the screen through Options screen like main screen layout, foreground and background color of inactive records/accounts, include inactive records/accounts in display or not etc.
On the main screen of the application you can see
  • Who of all your friends and relatives have birthday or marriage anniversary this month or today.
  • What are the accounts/loans/policies maturing this month and today.
  • What all important reminders, appointments or meetings you have this month or today.
Current month is shown by default with today�s things highlighted. You can always browse back and forth in months.

So in other words you can say this application can act as your personal assistant which can let you know all the important and confidential information which you need at times. And you need not to pay or invest a single penny to use it, it there for you for free 24 hours a day 7 ways a week.

Don't you think its worth to try it once?

Software/Hardware requirements:

Following are the minimum system requirements for running this utility:

  • JRE/JDK 1.4 must be there in your system's path. Running following command on command prompt must return java version 1.4 or above

    > java -version

    If you don't have JDK1.4 installed on your machine, first down load it from the link provided in side menu. Change system classpath and path accordingly so that typing java -version on command prompt (CMD Window) will return JDK1.4 or above.

  • It uses Microsoft Access data file for storing user data. For that it just requires Microsoft Access drivers, which are there on your machine if you have Windows plate form.

    Read more on FAQ for more details on database requirement.
  • Recommendations:
    It is recommended to use this application on Windows XP/2000/97/ME.

    Installation Instructions:
    1. First download the file from the link provided on side menu
    2. Store it on some place on your hard drive.
    3. Unzip the file to a blank directory (using WinZip or similar software).
    4. Open a Command Prompt Window (DOS/CMD window by typing cmd in Run)
    5. Go to the directory where you unzipped the file (like >cd C:\Fassistant)
    6. Run the setup.bat file on command prompt window (like >setup)
    7. This will open a installation window (if you have JRE/JDK 1.4 or above in your system's path).
    8. Follow the commands on the screen. This will install the application in a directory you mentioned during the installation.
    9. It will also create a bat file (Run.bat) if the corresponding checkbox is checked during installation.
    10. To run the application use this script file. (on windows double click it will run the application)
    Note : For first time installation it is recommended to use the default values(provided by the application) for all the required fields.

    Upgrade Instructions:
    If you have already installed the FAssistant application and just want to upgrade to the newer version of the application you may just download the FAssistant.jar file from here or from the link provided on side menu. After downloading the file make a copy of the old FAssistant.jar file (for backup purpose incase you need it) and then replace the new FAssistant.jar file at the location where you have installed the Fassistant application.

    Please provide your feedback about the application through Guest Book or send Email, that will also enable you to receive the email notifications whenever there is a new Release of FAssistant.

    Note : This approach should be used for minor version upgrades only (i.e. v4.xx to v4.xx or v5.xx to v5.xx) for major version upgrades (i.e. v4.xx to v5.xx) you should install the application as new and then import the old application data into newly installed application. The detailed procedure for major version upgrade is mentioned in FAQ section.
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