Hi! We�re Nique and Bruce and we have one big huge dream. To move out of my parents house! You�re probably a bit confused right? Read on!

Let me tell you a bit about ourselves�I�m Nique. I�m 26 years old and I used to work as an EMT in Southern California. Yes folks, I drove an ambulance. But the commute was getting to be too long, so I quit my job! Besides, I really need to go back to school. So, now I pretty much just sell Mary Kay. My long term career goal is to become a Registered Nurse. And my big dream is to get out of my parents house! As for Bruce, well, he�s my husband! We just got married in March. He�s 23 years old and currently works on armored trucks. He�s not too certain right now what exactly he wants to do long term, except move out of my parents house.

See, here�s the problem, we are in HUGE debt, most of it created before the wedding. And between the credit card bills, the school loans, the car payments, etc., we already pay a ton. Add on to that the phone, internet use, insurance, food and gas, we�re darn near broke each week. And for those who don�t live in California, the gas here is EXPENSIVE. Check out this weeks gas prices here.

So you see, we didn�t have enough money to get a place of our own when we got married. So my very generous parents have allowed us to live here. But really, is that any way for two newlyweds to live? So our big dream right now is to move out. We�d be quite happy to live in a little one bedroom apartment, but we can�t afford it. So we�re asking for the entire world�s help here! Our combined debt totals $60,830.33.

Also, I am trying to go back to school to complete the necessary courses to apply to the nursing program. Well, school has become VERY expensive too. And most of the classes I need are science classes, those are the worst!

So, we owe a ton, are barely making ends meet and aren�t sure how to pay for school! That�s why we�re asking for help. We figure, if our debt is paid off, we can afford to move out. By our best calculations though, it�s going to take over seven years to pay the debt off. That�s why we want YOUR help.

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