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Home 's 10 fundas to live by--

Nowhwre to run,nowhere to hide
You've got to kill to stay alive
-Iron Maiden

1. Love happens to everyone
Only a few can make it happen

2. Freindship is a rose
Let it always stay fresh

3. Everything is with more spirits chased than enjoyed

4. Every other truck on the highway is hate
You have to decide which one to take for life's journey

5. Opportunity knocks only once,
But opportunists repeadtedly

6. Love has only one precondition
That there be no preconditions

7. An optimist hopes of what he looks at
An opportunist looks at what he hoped of.

8. If dreams ever became true
Then reality will have the flavour of dreams

9. If you are dreaming in the wild world
Your wildest dreams may come true.

10. Crushes may have crushed you,
But infatuations won't make you fat.
Thats Me


A warm welcome to my world.

I am Nipun Kulshreshtha presently doing MBA from IIM Calcutta. Earlier, I was at Hansraj College in Delhi. This was the first of my site building expierences and I hope you like it.

Well, i am a 20 year old guy and have a greatknack of making friends. If you want to
know more about me you can contact through the mailer above(right). Or use the IE only HTML Mailer. I am sure you will find a friend.

Do not forget to explore the links on the site and enjoy my world.

Anyway....Happy Surfing Mailer



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