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Our Offer to Cat Lovers!

Caretaker Questionnaire

1. What is your experience with animal care, cats in particular?
2. Do you have experience with trap/neuter/release methods?
3. Can you tolerate cat hair and odors and scooping poop?
4. Are you able to lift 50 pounds or more?
5. Is your general health good, and are you physically capable of strenuous activity?
6. Do you sleep well and wake up ready to get to work?
7. Can you speak English well?
8. Is your nature easy going and able to react calmly to crisis and unforeseen situations?
8. Do you have the resources to provide your own food, recreation and transportation?
9. What kind of activities will you pursue while on Maui?
10. Would you be willing to participate in other 9th Life activities, such as fundraising and public awareness programs?
11. Do you have allergies to mold and mildew (We are in a jungle, after all!)
12. What is your current occupation?
13. Is this opportunity something that would make you happy?

Lela and our Kahuna on the front porch

Volunteers vacuum while kitties romp in common room

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