Our Main Sanctuary

Kitties and Angels on the Front Porch

The Cathouse: is a shelter for our ferals.

Teenage Kitties in Love
at the Sanctuary

A Haven for Homeless Cats

Some of the cats we rescue have no home waiting for them and are not suited for life in a feral colony. To meet the needs of these cats, 9th Life has created a No-Kill Sanctuary in upcountry Maui, currently housing over 150 rescued cats. Here, unfortunate cats are kept in the best possible circumstances for their health and temperament. At our sanctuary, they can heal and adjust while we search for loving homes. The upkeep on these facilities is expensive, and we always welcome funds and volunteer support to maintain our high standards of cat care. We hope expand our operations and let the community know about our efforts to create a No-Kill environment for all creatures who share our island paradise.

Special Needs Cases

Sometimes, we encounter cats who have very special needs, due to contagious conditions or injuries. Our no-kill catteries include safe, comfortable rooms dedicated to providing quality conditions that allow each cat to have a full and happy life.

Our Feline AIDS/Leukemia cats sleep peacefully through a rainy night.

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