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The 9th District Website sole purpose is to keep brothers informed by dissemination of information between the District Representative Bro. Jerry Rutherford, chapters and members within this illustrious organization.� It serves merely as a means of communication, awareness and resources on which the organization and its individual members may draw on.

On behalf of Bro. Rutherford, I would like to thank you for allowing me to be your District Webmaster.� I will try to get all information sent to me posted within a 24-hour time frame with the exception of "Essentials" from the DR and directives sent down from the national.� Thus far I greatly appreciate your patience and apologize for the delay.� As you view the pages and/or links to other sites, please send questions or comments which will greatly assist in constant and continual improvements of expedient ways of disseminating information and presentation of this information.


Orlando M. Richards

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