Special Feature-N64 Wrestling Games
Nintendo 64 wrestling games are amongst the most popular type of game.
There have been several wrestling games for the N64 including four WWF, Three WCW and one ECW.
The following games have all been released in the UK:
WWF  No Mercy (THQ-2000)
WWF Wrestlemania 2000 (THQ-1999)
WWF Warzone (Acclaim-1998)
WWF Attitude (Acclaim-1999)
WCW World Tour (THQ-1997)
WCW Revenge (THQ-1998)
WCW Mayhem (EA-1999)
ECW Hardcore Revolution (Acclaim-1999)

Ever since the N64 was released there have been wrestling games.
In 1997 THQ won the WCW licence and released WCW World Tour which was a fantastic four player grapple fest and great for its time.  In 1998 Acclaim produced its 1st Wrestling game for the Nintendo by releasing WWF Warzone which featured Breakable TV's and a table.  The only problem was that there were only 28 wrestlers.  Up against this THQ released the brilliant WCW Revenge which featured over 40 wrestlers including Hogan, Sting, Billy Kidman, Meng and Kevin Nash.  The game was a huge hit in both the USA and the UK and was THQ's last WCW venture due to losing the licence to EA in 1999.  EA failed to live up to the high standards of THQ with WCW Mayhem, released in 1999, although it did feature the first backstage brawls on any console and was also released on the PSX.
After Acclaim released WWF Attitude in 1999 the licence was lost and all the Nintendo versions from the shops.  THQ won the licence and in November 1999 WWF Wrestlemania 2000 was released.  The game had over 50 wrestlers including The Rock, Kane, HHH, Undertaker, Mankind, Big Show and D-Generation-X members.  It Had 10 Arenas from RAW to Heat to Summerslam.  The CAW was fantastic and you could even choose the way your wrestler walked and who he hated the most.
About the same time after winning the ECW licence Acclaim released the first truly hardcore wrestling game that included swearing and Custom arenas.  In 2000 WWF No Mercy was released with Ladder matches, Tables and Chair shots galore.  It featured over 65 of the top WWF Superstars and Even the Legendry Andre the Giant, Shawn Michaels and Cactus Jack.

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