No Mercy Guide
Ahh....WWF, the sport of kings...
Forget that I just wanna see people getting the crap beaten outta them!
To help you here is the OTW Guide to wrestling:

Lesson 1:
Taunt whenever you can- it will build up your attitude meter and its easy to win a match after doing your special on your opponent

Lesson 2:
When in a tag match, Tag if you are getting weak- Remember: A weak fighter is not a winning fighter.

Lesson 3:
Forget your integrity- Smash some skulls, Even in DQ matches you can hit your opponent OUTSIDE the ring with weapons and still not get Disqualified!

Lesson 4:
In a cage match:
1)Hit your opponent against the side-it wears them down quickly
2)Only climb out if you have knocked your opponent out well and truly-You can tell this when their attitude meter says:
"Losing It"

Lesson 5:
When in a handicap match use weapons-It makes your job far, far easier as there is no DQ in these matches!

Lesson 6:
Use the ladder to your advantage-Throw your opponentinto it, Do top rope moves onto it and hit them with it, it has a long range and is lethal when you are against a number of opponents!

Lesson 7:
In carrer mode accept if the APA want to help you-Its fun to ruin a match and beat up your rival and it makes your job a lot easier!

Lesson 8:
Put opponents through tables if you can-It doesnt hurt them any more but it looks cool and your friends will grimice in pain if you do it to them!
Lesson 9:
When in Referee mode always beat up the other wrestlers when you are ref.
Your opponents wont hit back because you have told them that if they do you will:
A)DQ them
B)Hurt them more
C)Count slowly when they pin
D)Count quick when they are pinned

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