Those famous four words at the end of the credits of Goldeneye were the basis for gamers hopes the world over:
'James Bond Will Return...'
The world held its breath until Rare delivered the final knockout blow by telling Goldeneye fans that it would not be re-evaluating the Bond licence.
It seemed, for a while that is, that James Bond would never grace the Nintendo 64 again.
That is, until Eurocom and EA stepped in.  The company behind such PC classics as Sim Hospital, the FIFA football series and NBA basketball series announced that they had bought the Bond licence and instead of doing Tomorrow Never Dies, as was expected, said they would make the TWINE game instead.
Doubts were raised about EA being able to hold up to the pressures of making a Goldeneye beater.
But sure enough EA and Eurocom silenced the critics when TWINE was released on November 17th 2000.
The game mirrors the plot of the movie fairly closely with all the characters included such as Christmas Jones, Valentin and Elektra King.
The game features a host of weapons and gadgets with the ever useful watch present.
The graphics aren't too crash hot when compared to the likes of Perfect Dark.
Multiplayer isn't as good as I expected either but is still some good wholesome,gun toating fun all the same!
If you want a Shoot-Em-Up get
Perfect Dark instead.

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