Joanna Dark
Perfect Dark was the most anticipated release of 2000.
In June it came, it saw and it conquered...
The Story is set in the year 2023 when hotshot new Carrington Institute agent Joanna Dark must investigate a rival company called Datadyne.
Datadyne have created the worlds first AI unit that can think and it begins to question the morals of the tasks it has been programmed to do.
Joanna has to smuggle the Unit, named 'Dr. Caroll', out of the Datadyne skyscraper and into the hands of the CI.
The story then unfolds into a much bigger scenario involving two alien races and the probable distruction of Earth.
The game is spread over about 16 levels from the bottom of the Pacific to the President of the United State's Air Force One jet.
Graphically the game is fantastic.  The Guards also jump and dive out of the way to avoid fire and when in a safe position return fire.
The light glints off the Falcon 2 pistol and the movies are sharp.
The only thing mission graphically is the addition of mouth movement-The characters act like ventriloquists because of their uncanny ability to talk without moving their lips.
The Sound effects are spot on with the pleasurable sound of crashing glass and a head shot.  The Guards also scream their dying words and swear sometimes as well.  The addition of great music is a welcome change to other shoot em ups such as Winback as in PD the music changes for example, if you are low on health.
The multiplayer easily tops the likes of Goldeneye for King of Muliplayer because of the addition of more modes, weapons, arenas and custom made characters.
The Gameplay is brilliant with the levels having objectives to complete such as the ever-so-common hostage situation and the computer download scenario.
Overall a game you must have in your collection!

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