Doctors' Role

�Despite the fact that abortion is among the most common surgical procedures, yet the subject of abortion is rarely included in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education�( Gottlieb.1995, p.532) because in the late 1950�s and early 1960�s �abortion wasn�t something that was talked about back in this era (Pelletreau, 2003). As a provider [abortionist] in this period, he or she was not looked upon with praise. So, as a result only a few doctors did perform abortion, but �for the most part, it was hidden because the �general attitude was that abortion was absolutely not part of the practice of medicine, and �abortionist� was a dirty word�(p.34).

At this present time issues affecting the delivery of abortion was a major factor as to why there were few doctors providing this service. Issues such as actual and potential harassment in the work environment, limited learning and training opportunities, and as mentioned earlier the subject of abortion �is rarely included in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education�( Gottlieb.1995, p.532). Likewise, such issues as �staff training, staff preferences, limited operating-room time, bed availability and lack of necessary equipment, which may also be issues in the delivery of many other health services�( Ferris & McMain- Klien, 1998, p.138) are various other variables encumbering abortion services availability. As a result, these issues place increased strain on a delivery system where access is already jeopardized because of the small number of physicians performing the procedure�(p.138-139).


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