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Updated - 2:28 AM 8/9/2004
- Gyodang Summer
- Yale Leave of Absence

I have moved! To a real server! :-D
Please go to doh.bongkoh.com from now on!

Welcome to my humble webpage.
I hope you enjoy your stay. I wanted this page to be a small introduction into my life.
(Unfortunately, my life is not so complex so you'll probably get the big picture.)

Please take the time to browse through the links.
I've tried to put some pictures from my life at college to my life at home.

Family Dinner My Family
The first page in Bong's House is my family's page. There are a lot of us as you can see.

My Gyodang
The second page I'd like to introduce you to is the Won Buddhist temple near my home. I've attended there since 1987 and have built a strong link to it.
Congregation from Grand Opening in 1995

Bong Shim My Animals
The third page is ANIMALS! I like animals, especially the cute and furry variety. Here are a bunch of pics of my pets and just some cool other pics I've gathered.

My Martial Arts
The fourth page here is devoted to the martial arts. They have been an integral part of my life. I cannot profess that I'm any good at any of them but I've always loved them and been practicing them since I was eleven.
Cool Kick?

Group of friends My Yale
And my fifth and final page is about my college life. I've spent four (five, really) wonderful years meeting great people and doing some fun stuff. Each year has been a little different in its own way and made an impact on me.

"I eat squirrel's brown nuts." - A curious quote seen on IM.
"I am a glorious cat," said the fat cat.

A dialogue between two Yale students . .
-- "These are tasty cookies!"
-- "What did you just say? Are these testicles???"

Feeling down? A little blue? Try here. .
Please email me with any comments.

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