Why am I Devil?

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D.E.V.I.L - If u separate the "D" from the rest, it becomes "D- EVIL", which, in other words, means "the evil".

Well, it's not that I'm evil or something, at least I don't think it that way. Haha!!

 I t all started when... ...

    A cute chubby little baby girl was born in the world pranksters' day a.k.a. April Fool's Day. That was me of course!! I grew up in a common mediocre family which consist of parents & 2 elder brothers. My childhood life was nothing else but stacks of home works, schooling & tuitions. It was dull & hectic. That's why I decided to enjoy my every moment of life not with home works or boring tuitions, but with my dear dear friends.

    However, to be frank, my way of treating my friends is a little bit different. I like to "play" with them. I used to wander around my class, disturbing others, chasing after my friends and etc during my school life. I can be annoying & noisy way beyond your imagination. Now when I think of it, there wasn't any silent moment throughout my life (excluding childhood) except for bedtime. Oooo.

    O ya! Tickling them is what I always do (It's the common penalty). The main reason behind this is I dun really afraid of tickling. I just don't feel ticklish maybe my receptors are not normal i guess. Besides, all my closest friends have nickname. I loved to give my friends nicknames. It's more convenient to call their nickname since it's short. My friends nicknames were all given according to their characteristics. As far as I know, I have a collection ranging from the smallest animal- mosquito (Lowen), hippo, wolf (Langlang), camel,elephant to the oldest dino. Nonetheless, I have a group of fruits (banana-SebanaXiang, Kiwi-Zizi, Pineapple-Foong er). I called them my pets. My proud no 1 pet is the hippo, the tetra hybrid of hippo, pig, tortoise & human. It's a She. That's what contribute to her long name- DavidWu-XXX. That's why I often say that perhaps I can establish a zoo or museum in future.

    The name devilfish is being named by DavidWu. According to their statement, I'm evil cause I always bully them. Hmm. What I always do is just tickling them when they offended me. If the offend is serious, I would just threaten to cook/eat/sell/hang them. It's normal right?? Anyway, that's how I become devil. The fish of the nickname "Devil Fish" actually originate from my mandarin last name pronouncing the same as fish.

    I enjoy being a devil as devil has the right to control others. Muahaha. I'm proud to be a devil.








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