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Ninja # 3 : Personal Profile

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Ninja of Hell 




              Real Name : Tan Phui yee

                                  Nickname : Devil Fish

                                                    Ninja Code : #3-1000614683  

                                                                     Gender : Female

                                                                                   Weight : 51.4  kg    

                                                                                                     Height : 166 cm       

                                                                                                                      Age : 21  (Age of legal gambling)                   

                                                                                                       Date of Birth : 1st of April             

                                                                                         Occupation: -   

                                                                           (i)   Day time :  student of Food Science & Nutrition 

                                                             (ii) Night time : Ninja                     

                                              Mode of action : Fast and swift rolling especially under sun..                         

                                Speciality : Great in torture (swing, hang, everything that possible can happen)                         

                 Weapon : Umbrella ( deathly weapon- stabbing unnoticed) and Devilly claws                     














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