Firstly let's begin by marinating the dory fish fillet. Grate the skin of a lime, not too deep though to prevent any bitterness it may cause to the fillet.

    Then sprinkle the grated skin all over the the fish. Man i love this method as the skin makes the whole room smells nice, better than aromatherapy.

     Doing so sours up the fillet without cooking it, as addition of sour marinating juice like lemon or lime will cook it and it may cause overcooking.



    Finally add some all purpose seasoning onto the fillet for better taste as it blends well with lime. Then store in the fridge for the marinade to take place.


Next is the base of the dish which consist of shitake mushroom, tomato and pea sprout.


Heat up the frying pan, then fry all the base vegetables with butter, butter mixes very well with mushroom.

Put them on a plate.



Next for the dory fillet


    Add some oil and fry it in medium heat. I love this part as all the aroma are released by the marinade blend and seeing the fish being cooked to a beautiful texture is a great sight, considered to be my 8th wonder of the world.




Finally when the fish is done, put above the 'garden' and here goes another simple, luscious meal for the day.





    So that's it guys. Hope you guys like my website about cooking despite all the weird mixture from the previous page.


Again cooking is fun!




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