Cooking is like love.  It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.  ~Harriet van Horne





    Greetings to all of you, welcome to my website. Firstly some introduction, i am currently studying in University College Sedaya International, or the soon to be university, and taking a degree course in food science and nutrition. So far I am still not having a very clear path of where i am heading with this course at hand, but this course definitely make me becoming more interested in health and food, particularly eating. In other words eating healthy, or playing healthy cooking. Recently i love to cook and experiment around with food and different flavours around. At the same time it applies some food science concept into my new hobby. Below are some of my 'masterpiece' and be warned that some looks may deceive a bit.




Vegetable Pork Stock Soup


    With pork bones being cooked in boiling water for more than 4 hours, it serves as a great base for a luscious soup. With addition of tomato which give rise to its slight sour taste, then some nuts for chewing pleasure, finally add some green bean sprouts in just after the flame is turned down so cook it yet retain its fine greens.


            I had it when one day I had a terrible flu attack, and this soup is just nice for the condition, the just warmth it provides and taste is simply better than medical prescription. Plus the vegetables are drenched in a meaty with slight salty base, thus it gives a healthy meat tasting greens, and who says greens are terrible food?!




Toasted bread and the 'witch' brew


    Ahh... nothing much more better than toasted bread with tuna filling with some additional touch up with peppers and fried onions, with hot creamy white mushroom soup, flavoured further by bits of thyme and chopped chinese cabbages for a little eastern element for a good start of the day.

    Nice isnt it from the pic, and now lemme explain why i called it the witch brew.

    The chinese cabbage was gluey, yellowish. Thank goodness, out of my weirdness, i put the bread inside the freezer, so it sort of cheated death.

    In lectures we learn food microbiology( so any idea yet?), anyway, the truth is, the bread, and the vegetable just escaped from their graveyard, otherwords, they are expired. This is the problem with sometimes overloading your fridge with too many things and sometimes you just miss the food far at the back on the inside. So by the time i realize t

    So anyway, out of miserable hunger and lack of cash for outside food, well, desperate situations call for desperate measures. I washed the cabbage as clean as possible, again as possible, then steam it a bit, then put into the boiling soup. This is what we call in food microbiology double heating to kill all the nasty microscopic guys that wreaks havocs on foods. Guess what, the cabbage sort of turned the soup sour, but to the extend it is pleasant to the tongue, and man it is better than soto or asam laksa. And i have not extend my toilet occupation time yet until now.

Northpole and Santa Pole




        Doesn't the picture gives a feeling of Christmas due to the color blend? And soups are just great sanitizing and antimicrobial agent. That's right, all the vegetables above were already in very wrecked condition. So i washed them, steamed up, dip them in boiling water, another food microbiology concept, heat shock, which doesn't give chance for the little fellows to form resistance against heat, alright back to English, then i soaked the vegetables in vinegar, sort of like making pickles in jars. Finally, add them all in the boiling mushroom soup, and man they are just as great as normal. I just feel so proud for possessing Malaysian stomach.


Desert fried rice



    Ok enough of food microbiology and spoiled 'goods'. The dish is just nice, nutritionally balanced. Fried red bean rice, high fibre and good low glycemic index carbohydrate, lightly stirfried Pak Choi, as all greens as good, ikan bilis with its heads removed, and that makes double good due to the highly chlolestrol content of the head is removed, plus frying with it gives exotic salty taste to the rice without adding salt. finally some flax seed for some touch up. Note the desert word, a cup of ice lemonade would be a great accompaniment.


Pork on field and Country chicken


    I love mixing a good marinated meat with vegetables, it gives a sense of balace nutrition wise. The meats above are marinated by lemon or lime juice, black and white pepper, salt, variety of seasonings and are fried in oil, better yet, butter for better texture and taste. By the frying the vegetables with the marinated, the combination of taste is just so ambrosial and savory, and the blend is just unmatched, A simple yet great side dish for any moment. A little bit of garnishing would have give the sense of completeness.



Dory's Garden


    One of my recent creation, don't worry, all is fresh :).


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