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MY HOBBY : Chess is everything !!!


                    I started playing chess when I was standard 2. Since I was named the Chess King in my primary school and was once invited by Principal's husband to play with him, my love for chess has deepened. I was always challenged by my friends and yet my challengers lost to me one by one, day by day I became more and more famous among chess lovers.

                When I entered Form 1, my chess skills no longer rank no. 1. I realize that there was a need for me to keep on learning, never stop. However, I was very lucky and honoured to be trained by my school chess club president and also one of the national player, Mr Wong Tze Han, when I was in my secondary school day. He again and again gave me the chance to represent the school in the school team. He motivated and encouraged me every time after I was defeated by other people. Having such a good player in my life had no doubt grown my love towards chess.

                 My chess started to have some achievement and peaked when I was Form 4 and Form 5. Our school team was one of the best among the Chinese School Teams. Then, I started to involve myself in the Club management. I was the Vice President (School Team Council) of my club and at the same time Vice President of Science Society as well as Founder & Vice President of Harmonica Band. I was very active and thus time management is very important for me so that my studies won't get affected so much.

                 My love towards chess has never gone down. This moves me to organize and form a very first chess club in my university life. [ To know more about the club, You can go HERE !! ]

                  I have given a lot of my time in chess and in return chess also has helped in building my confidence and shaped my soul. In short, I love chess as my hobby and Chess loves me too !

Chess is everything !!!









Chess is a game for people of all ages. Young can play old and old can play young.

Chess develops memory.

Chess improves concentration. Only one main goal -- to checkmate and become the victor.

Chess teaches independence. Make important decisions only by your own judgment.

Chess inspires self-motivation. everlasting aim towards progress, steering to ignite the flame of victory.

Chess shows that success rewards hard work.

Chess and Science. You decide on a hypothesis, and then you make your move and test it.

Chess and Psychology. Patience, Nerves, Will Power, Concentration & Sportsmanship



Every game you are the general of an army and you alone decide the destiny of your soldiers.

You can sacrifice them, trade them, pin them, fork them, lose them, defend them, or order them to break through any barriers and surround the enemy king. You've got the power !


To summarize everything in three little words:

Chess is everything !!!





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