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Aural Perfection is a small home buisness specilizing in the precise and flawless preservation of records.  We here ar Aural Perfection strive in providing ther BEST cleaning and preservation services on the net.  No one else offers the level of personal care and love we put into the cleaning and preserving of each record.  We only use the most advanced techniques on your precious vinyl, as we too are vinyl lovers.  We exclusively use the Kieth Monks Archivist professional record cleaner that is generally accepted in vinyl circles as bieng the ULTIMATE record cleaner, for many reasons.  Accompaning this machine are our cleaning techniques that are second to none.  This machine is for only the most dedicated preservers.  If you want mediocre cleaning of your 75 cent LPs, you are at the wrong place, go get a wet towel or somthing.  But if you are serious in getting the absolute best sound possible from your valuable vinyl, and/or are looking to form an immaculate archive, look no further than Aural Perfection.
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