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inline level. Block level elements are those that usually cause paragraph breaks.
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These include H1 to H6 (headings), P (paragraphs), and LI (list items). Text level elements include EM, STRONG and CITE as well as B, I and A (hypertext anchors). In CSS1 HTML elements are known as selectors.
   CSS1 supports 35 different properties which can be applied to selectors. Properties include background (color or graphic), font-size, font-weight, line-height (leading or interlinear spacing), font-family, letter-spacing and word-spacing. A property and its associated value is known as a declaration.
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   Style sheets will not stop bad practice in Web page design, just as they have not stopped bad practice in word processing or desktop publishing design. However, they provide Web page designers with the facility to define appearance whilst maintaining the structural features that make HTML so useful.
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