This Page Rocks My Socks!!!
This Page Rocks My Socks!!!
Hey everyone... this is Sarah here!  Go to the link above and check out the coolest band ever... Gob!   Alright I'm bored again so I'm redoing my website once more... but it's probably no better than it was before, maybe even worse.  Well, have fun!
Ok so just in case you are one of those people that doesn't actually know who I am... here's a bit about me

My name's Sarah (of course) but you can call me Rush because all my dorky friends do.  I live in a house and I go to North Hills Junior High... the best skool ever!  I play softball and I'm on the skool team and I'm also on Mr. Watts's team (and I'm sure he's thrilled.) I also try to skateboard, but that's not coming along too well.  I love to sing and I play the guitar but I'm really bad at it because I've had too much to do and I haven't practiced in a few weeks.  My birthday's on May 9th in case you wanted to by me a present.  Well there's not much else to say about me because I'm really boring and I have no life.
A Tribute To My Band-

Name- Mrs. K Pimpstyle

Sarah A.k.a Namir- Guitar/ vocals
Ally A.k.a Ally- Bass guitar
Jess A.k.a Sooti- Drums/ bums

Songs- None that are good (3 that are pretty bad)

Fans- We now have 5 fans, 2 groupies, and 1 roadie!!! Not bad for three girls who can barely even play!
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