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Lot of Links from Application; Programming Languages; DB; User Interface;
Plus: Programming Tools, Networking, Mathematics, Computer Science.

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Programming help from UK: Assembler, C,C++,C#, Java,JavaScript, Perl, VB\VBScript

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Code samples, compilers, tutorials, C#, from

Wotsit's Format, the complete programmer's resource on the net.

Tech. tutorils: OS, Applications, C/C++, DOS/Windows/Unix, DB, Web.

Home Page of Paul Hsieh's with programming codes, tutors and links...

VB tutors, Code samples from

To help you find the source code, algorithms, sample apps, and routines you need, DevX now offers two different repositories for source code downloads. The original Source Code Library and our new addition, Sourcebank. Try them both!

A few IT sites from OSDN. OSDN sites offer IT news, collaboration, development tools, distribution and discussion channels, cutting-edge editorial, and ongoing education and evangelism among the IT and Open Source community.

Hardware Programming

Protected Information (hardware)

Assembly Programming Journal

Hardware Programming Links

Visual C++

Free Resources for VC, ATL.

Microsoft's frend with VC++.

VC++ Dev Journal.

VC++ MFC and Soft

Code Guru. The Best VC++ Site

A lot of VC++ to .NET

Visual Basic.

This site provides free code, applications, ActiveX objects and support, to Visual Basic and VBA programmers.

VB from

Staff started from VB and go to Assembler, C/C++, ASP, Fortran

Free VB codes & tutors from

Learn to use the power of DirectX multimedia in VB, with over 60 tutorials for beginners and advanced programmers at DirectX4VB!

Visual Studio.NET

MSDN Magazine.

Your place for free C++, C# and .NET articles, code snippets, discussions, news and the best bunch of developers on the net.

Information from

Easy web graphic.

All about NET Russian.


The servlet page at the Sun Microsystems. Inc. Java Web site provides access to the latest servlet information, servlet resources and the Java Servlet Development Kit (JSDK).

Your source for the best servlet and JSP-related content on the web.

The site provides a variety of Java resources. is a general servlet resource site containing code, tips, tutorials and links to many other Web sites with information.

Java Game Development Tutorial

This site contains a variety of Java applet resources from Sun.

Use this site to find the latest technical information about JavaTM technology. Registration is required to access certain areas.

Core Java, Enterprise Java, Micro Java from JavaWorld.

Java resources from calls itself the Number 1 Lava Review Service.

JavaToys is a development resource center dedicated to providing links to on-line information relevant and useful to the Java developer. Here you will find a well-organized collection of links to Java tutorials, reference materials, news, white papers, developing tools, frequently asked questions and much more.

This site is a collection of links to all sorts of Java information and resources, all neatly categorized. On-line documentation, downloadable documentation, book descriptions and reviews, sites with applets and source code, sites for various development environments now available (some free, some free betas, some commercial), on-line magazines, and so on.

The Development Exchange Java Zone.

Welcome to the ACME Java mines! ACME Labs is exploring the use of Java for fun and profit. We are happy to share our findings. Software. Common mistakes and questions. Some bugs. Other resources.

Team Java assists Java consultants in search of contracts and helps to promote Java.

Graphics & Game Programming

A few 3D Max tutors

Max 3D com

3D Graphics Links from

Official Site for Developers and Users - OpenGL

Game programming resources by Paul Hsieh

Java Game Development Tutorial

Graphics, Links.

Game Programming, graphics programming, tutorials

Game programming resources by Paul Hsieh

Russian Resources

First steps VC, ActieX, Web Development.

Info City is electronic library site

RSDN Russain Software Development Network

Free Programms for Windows

Programms Sources.

E-manual Information site Programs & Technology on Russain

Software & Programms

A lot of free programs, most of them on Russian

Free programms.

Computer Magazine

E-manuals about everything.

Citforum about everything.

Great computer Languages Library (everything including Internet programming).

Java: Russian Server.

Library of Math. Algorithms (Russian).

VB , VC++ VBScript and Java from Russian Okidoki.

VB, Win32, Library (Russian) from OmskGU.

VB, DB, VBScripts, Codes (Russian).

General Site: All inside VB, DB, VBScripts, Codes (Russian).

Smart WWW Design

Site For Download From RU.

Web Design for Beginners

Home page devoted for Web Designers.

WWW Site Building.

Catalog books for web developers (Russian).

Resources for web developers

Adobe Photoshop from

Catalog books for web developers from

Flash 5 Tutorial from samaell.narod

Web Design + graphics on Russian.

Omen for Russian Programmers

WebMasters: Resources

Adobe Photoshop Examples & tutorials.

E-manuals about everything.

Citforum about everything.


Perl resouces (Russian).

System programming.

Web Reference in Russian.

Training : From Assembler to NET.

VB Street.

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