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Welcome to my Kiddie-Page cyber kids! Enjoy & relax while browsing the pages-- thanks, Nikki

Message: This is a personal home page of my daughter Nikki. It serves as her album to store and cherish our golden memories. I would like to thank my wife Kaye for sending all Nikki's pictures to me. Without her efforts this site will never come to reality. Some of the contents of this site were gathered from the internet and owned by private entity. I would like to ask their approval and permission for keeping those pictures in this site for the sake of my daughter's happiness and knowledge. However please let me know if you would like me to remove it . - thanks a lot ...... Jun Valdez

Contact Information

+63 49 511 9674
Postal address
Mance Apt. H, Ferlins Subd., Malvar St., San Vicente, Binan, Laguna, Phil.
Electronic mail
[email protected]

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