Sure-Fire Business Plan

This is a nice list to follow if you are deciding to start up a new business or save an old one.

  1. Invent Something
    1. Find Some Geniuses
      1. Look for Intelligent-Sounding Names in:
        1. Victoria, BC Phone Book
        2. IBM Research Labs Lay-Off Roster
        3. "Nanotechnology Today" Subscriber List
      1. Send Friends to Look in:
        1. Some Big Libraries
        2. UBC Dorms
        3. McDonald's
    1. Hire Them to Design and Build It
      1. Take Out a Loan
      2. Wave Cash Under Their Noses
      3. Rent a Big House with a Lab in the Back
  1. Market It Big Time
    1. Run Lots of TV Ads
    2. Open a Web Site
    3. Rake in the Green

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