Nikita Y. Danilov
1208/3, block 1, 1a Kerchenskaya St.
MOSCOW, Russia
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A position as a Software Engineer/Software Developer.


IV.2000 -- present

Naming System Venture
Software Engineer.

December, 2000

Kernel development. Participated in the design and development of reiser4 file system. Implemented following pieces of core reiser4 code:

  • balanced tree algorithms (carry algorithm, and tree traversal)
  • plugin infrastructure
  • directory operations
  • interaction with VM
  • pseudo files
  • code and formats to store inodes and directories on the disk
  • designed lock ordering hierarchy for reiser4 locks, implemented code to enforce it

Scalability testing of reiser4:

  • wrote code to profile spin-lock contention in the kernel (advanced alternative to the lockmeter)
  • implemented look-aside cache to speed up tree lookups
  • implemented logging facility to dump stream of kernel events to the user visible file
  • implemented code to record and analyze disk arm seeks
  • facility to collect "sleep statistics"---data about where and for how long threads went into sleep in the kernel mode
  • various fixes and patches to the generic Linux VM code to improve efficiency of file system write-back

April, 2000

Kernel development. Participated in the development and maintenance of reiserfs v3 file system. Testing, debugging, adding new features.

VII.1994 -- III.2000

Server Ltd. Moscow

August, 1997

Development of complex client - server system for Government of the Republic Kazakhstan. Environment: distributed application with PowerBuilder as a tool for development of front - end and INFORMIX, ORACLE or SYBASE as server database.

June, 1997 -- August, 1997

Consultant of Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., Capital Market & Trading Group, Jersey City, NJ.

Development of mission-critical system for real-time high throughput exchange of trade information (multithreaded network FIX-protocol server). Environment: multi-threaded C++, Solaris 2.x, TCP/IP (BSD socket API)

February, 1997 -- June, 1997

Development of distributed document - flow control system based upon INFORMIX UNIVERSAL SERVER (ILLUSTRA). Environment: web - based interface, Java applets, CGI, Web Datablade as front-end interface and INFORMIX UNIVERSAL SERVER as server-side database. Integration of various third-party modules (e.g., document format conversion systems etc.). Heavy use of the object-oriented features of the INFORMIX UNIVERSAL SERVER.

June, 1996 -- February, 1997

Participating in the development of the multi-platform enterprise-wide information systems for Russian commercial banks. Integrating of various external sources of business information (e.g., S.W.I.F.T., WWW CGI-queries) into automated processing. Informix4GL/Informix
Design and development of system for real-time processing of high volume stream of transaction information for Central Bank of Russia. Have experience in planning and design of all stages of software project life cycle with use of ORACLE*CASE tools and reverse engineering of existing business applications. ORACLE*CASE, ORACLE*FORMS/ORACLE7

VI.1993 -- V.1994

ACT Financial Systems Ltd., Moscow Branch, Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region, Russia

Software Project OPENLimits (large-scale risk management and analysis system) development with strong using of CASE technology. Development of portable (MSWindows, Motif, OpenLook) graphic user interface. C++/Windows/SCO UNIX3.2v4.2/ORACLE.


PhD in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.

MS in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. Post graduate student in MIPT.

Have good knowledge and practice of design and development of software systems of different scale. Have practical knowledge of working in the software development projects, using various design techniques especially CASE methodologies. Have practical experience in development of large-scale open object-oriented software products. Have been solving both low and high level programming tasks. Have practical experience in network administrating. Have the academic degrees -- PhD in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (2000), MS in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (1996) Moscow. Have scientific publications.


IX.1990 -- VI.1996

Moscow  Institute of Physics and Technology
Dolgoprudny, Moscow Reg.
Student in Faculty of Management and Applied Mathematics.
Degree MS in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.
Degree PhD in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.



SUN SPARC and UltraSPARC Server & Station, DEC/VAX 4500, IBM PC/AT i286-Pentium, HP-MIPS.


UNIX (SCO (Open Server), Interactive, FreeBSD, UnixWare, Linux, HPUX, SUN OS, Solaris(x86) 2.x), RSX11-M, RT-11, VAX/VMS, MS DOS/Windows, Windows NT, Windows 95, OS/2.


TCP/IP (DOS, Windows, UNIX), NFS (DOS, Windows, UNIX), NETBIOS (Windows for Workgroups,UNIX).


Informix(UNIX), Oracle6,7,8 (DOS, Windows, UNIX), Oracle7 (Windows, UNIX).

Programming Languages:

PowerScript, C/C++ Visual Basic, Pascal, Java, Informix4GL, ORACLE PL/SQL. etc.

Publishing systems:

MS WORD (Windows,DOS), Tex, LaTex, Chiwriter.


English, Russian, Latin.


PhD in CS (2000, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology) (01.01.09 --- "Matematicheskaja Kibernetika")
MS in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (1996, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology).


Of age of 31.





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