Niki Tichakova is very well known to the Czechoslovakian community with her famous ginger bread and other forms of folk art that is so well liked within the Czech and Slovak community. Her art has evolved for over 14 years and is as varied and miscellaneous as can possibly be. She is a talented painter specializing in encaustic painting, pottery making, glass painting, soap making and many other skills which are too numerous to mention. Niki has been represented on two occasions at Roger’s TV station, Breakfast Television and in ethnic broadcasting at Czech, Polish, Ukrainian and Russian television.


She has also represented Czech Community at Weddings Around the World and Christmas Around the World. There are several awards on her file; for example, 1st prize in “Wedding Cake” competition in 1999 and best display.  Also there was a 2nd place honor for 30th Anniversary of Scarborough Town Center in 2003. Niki is a member of OCC and Lindsay Gallery. She worked as an interior decorator in Czechoslovakia for several years and when immigrated to Canada in 1988, has continued her education and graduated in ICS Interior Decorating in 1999. She has taken courses specializing in variety of techniques, including faux finish, marbling, wood imitation, mosaic and glass painting.


Niki is a mother of two and lives with her husband in a beautiful village of Coboconk.

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