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I am Dr. Nikhil Joshi, a carbon based John Neumann machine, classified as Homo sapiens sapiens, kingdom Animalia, phylum Chordata, subphylum Vertebrata, class Mammalia, subclass Eutheria, order Primates, suborder Anthropoidea, family Hominidae. I was created approximately 250 days before 5th September 1981.

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My primary interests are rationalism, science and mathematics. I believe that rationalism is the core of both maths and science. I've written articles about various sub aspects of rationalism, which I wish to be discussed. I would like you to read them here and give your opinion to me,

either at my e-mail     [email protected]

or at my snail mail      'Tattvabodh',

Highway, NERAL,

Dist. Raigad,

Maharashtra, 410101,


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