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A John Neumann Machine is a machine that can replicate independently in favorable atmosphere. The simplest example of such machine is a computer virus. Given a computer, not guarded by Anti virus scan, it replicates. So does a human zygote (the cell that starts our creation) replicate to form a human, given 265 days and favorable surroundings - a uterus.

The classification I've used to describe myself is an atheist's way of looking at living organisms. I don't believe there is anything more that chemicals that constitutes an organisms e.g. soul or such thing. The difference between us and simple chemicals is that they don't react with surroundings so as to maintain or improve their structure that enables control over the surroundings.

Almost all organisms on the Earth are based around the atom carbon. All other elements are arranged around carbon core. Exceptions are certain diatoms that have some silicon based molecules. A computer virus is electron based organism for that matter.

I was born 15 days before expected. So 250 days instead of 265.

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