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Welcome to Evangelion Oasis - This site is currently under construction although most sections are up and running.


Merry Christmas!!!



Phew almost 2 months since last update.

This will be the last update before christmas and the New Year!.For the next month or so the Pictures Gallery will be offline.I'm going to upload a whole lot more and organise them alot better too :).

Well this site managed to last a whole year (unlike many of my other ventures) and will (hopefully) continue to prosper in the future!Thanks everyone!!!




Updates, updates and....updates!

Being as bored as I was on the weekend I decided to do some tinkering, and the results look promising.Added some new javascripts to the main page (you would have noticed it already),updated the mp3 section and added a whole new area to the site: The Mailing List.To join the mailing list click the new button over on the left-hand-side, and remember, your privacy IS respected.

I'm Currently searching javascript database after database and testing the latest scripts and their effectiveness on this site.If you would like to submit a javascript link or have any idea's on what to add drop me a lie on the guestbook and/or e-mail.

That's it for now for now to come fairly soon.


At last all sections of Evangelion Oasis are up and running!Finally uploaded the game I managed to obtain through a friend which is ready for download in the Games section.Also updated the credits and completed the links section.There are still a lot more to add when I get the time but at least there is something.Fixed the numerous link screw-ups with the 'tag' at the base of each page.Thanks for pointing that out guys!!

And as usuall more updates to come in the near future (hopefully!!).



Well after being thoroughly screwed by Yahoo! Geocities' new merge its had me confused for quite a while (new user name,pass etc.) so there hav'nt been any updates in a LONG while, but finally I spent some time editing and uploading.

You may have noticed the banner on the index.html page.If you would like to link your site to mine dont hesitate to contact me!Also found out how to add a counter so i can record my hits accurately and added background music to the main page (Cruel Angels Thesis midi).Also added a Guestbook for visitors to sign (located on this page) and got the Links section up and running.Check it out.More updates and changes to come real soon!!!!



          Yay some updates at last!!!Well i've uploaded an mp3 (yes only 1 but they're big!!!) and fixed the Ayanami and Eva picture sections and the Angel picture section is up!! *joy*

           Also since i could'nt figure out how the hell to place frames on this site (and some browsers don't support them) i have placed a small "tag" at the bottom of each page which will link to the main areas of my site.



Well, the pictures are sort of up but i need to fix a few of the links so they are probably not working at the moment, sorry!  :-(



Sorry people, no updates for almost a month since geocities is stuffing me around.

         I am currently looking for a different server so if you know of a cheap one then please e-mail me at the address below.Thanks :-)



Well it's up (sort of) and i am heavily working on getting the downloads section up so keep visiting!!!

The credits section is up so take a look there too.  :-)

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