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Audio Setup:

Head Unit: Alpine 9812RB
Amplifiers: Soundstream Tarantula 500/4 - Soundstream Tarantula 880/2
Equalizer: Phoenix Gold EQ215ix
Speakers: Focal K2P
Subwoofer: Soundstream Rubicon 2 12"
Custom boot install

This page is split between the final install at the top - then some pictures of the system being built - then the equipment - and last is the old install

The final install.

Picture of the whole boot intsall

Two side shots of the boot install

The two a-pillar builds

The head unit and PG EQ (hidden)

A few nights shots


A few in-process pics

The box being made (50% fiberglass 50% mdf)

Some install pics before the false floor

Some dynamatting - boot dynamatting pics to come
(2 layers of extreme in each door - as u can tell i am no expert)

A few shots of the equipment

The two Soundstream Tarantula amps and Soundstream Rubicon R12-SQ woofer


A picture of the previous install


Future Mods: Interior dash respray - White and blue gauge and heater dial kits(ordered)

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