Entry Requirements
If you would like to be in the Nijmegen team, the requirements are listed below.


There is no age limit on training marches and on qualifier events, however, you have to be 16 on the first day of the trip to Nijmegen. If your 16th birthday is within a couple of months of Nijmegen, then a special request can be made to HQAC to let you go. This will need to be addressed to the team leader as soon as possible.

Note: If you are 19 by the end of the year, it is required that you carry 10kg of dead weight while marching.


As a member of the Herts and Bucks Wing Nijmegen Team, a high level of commitment is required.
The requirements to go to Nijmegen are:

* You have to attend at least one of the 1 day training marches to qualify for the Chiltern Hills 2-day march.

* You have to have done at least one Chiltern Hills 2-day march to qualify for the RAF Cosford 2-day qualifier

* You have to complete the 2-day march at RAF Cosford to qualify for Nijmegen

* You must attend the Final Nijmegen briefing

The Folkstone Cadet march and the Lyke Wake walk are both optional events which are not qualifying events for Nijmegen, although the people that attend these marches have a better chance of being selected for the final team.
It is important to stress the importance of getting as much training as possible in preparation for the Nijmegen march itself.

The final Nijmegen team is chosen by the team leader and the deputy team leader on the basis of commitment, maturity and ability to meet deadlines.


Additional staff spaces for the Nijmegen team are subject to many variables, it is normally possible for all qualified staff to complete the event in some capacity. Interested staff are advised to attend the initial Nijmegen Team briefing, where many of the variables will be explained. Alternatively, you can get in touch with the team leader by visiting the
contacts page.
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