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Welcome to the official website of the Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire Wing Air Training Corps Nijmegen Team.

The Nijmegen march is a 100 mile march set around the city of Nijmegen. The march is completed over the course of four days, where you do 25 miles each day.
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Nijmegen team 2002
1. Flt Lt Fusedale JS Team leader 12th time
2. Cdt Ahn A 2532 (Milton Keynes) Sqn 1st time
3. Cdt Bosher CP (f) 2370 (Denham) Sqn 1st time
4. Cpl Bristow IHK 1187 (Hemel Hempstead) Sqn 1st time
5. FS Brown JRE 1187 (Hemel Hempstead) Sqn 3rd time
6. Cdt Bufton L (f) 2370 (Denham) Sqn 1st time
7. Mrs Carter MJ (f) 871 (Penn) Sqn 1st time
8. FS Cooksey MJ 1187 (Hemel Hempstead) Sqn 1st time
9. CWO Cusack NS 1280 (Rickmansworth) Sqn 1st time
10. CWO Davidson TJ 1187 (Hemel Hempstead) Sqn 4th time
11. Cpl Draper JA 1066 (Hitchin) Sqn 1st time
12. FS Farrington VL (f) 1187 (Hemel Hempstead) Sqn 3rd time
13. Sgt Harvey IR 2370 (Denham) Sqn 2nd time
14. Cpl Hatton AJ (f) 1187(Hemel Hempstead) Sqn 2nd time
15. Cpl Kovacevic G 1187 (Hemel Hempstead) Sqn 2nd time
16. FS Ladommatos AJ 2370 (Denham) Sqn 2nd time
17. CWO Luther AK 1187 (Hemel Hempstead) Sqn 6th time
18. Cpl Moffat DL 2370 (Denham) Sqn 1st time
19. Sgt Seymour DJ (f) 220 (St Albans) Sqn 3rd time
20. WO Simpson RJ 1187 (Hemel Hempstead) Sqn 10th time
21. Plt Off Vey EJF (f) 248 (Letchworth) Sqn 2nd time
22. Sgt Wharton HE (f) 1280 (Rickmansworth) Sqn 1st time
23. Cdt Workman A 2366 (Bletchley Park) Sqn 1st time
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