Arrr!!! Thar be Pirates about!

The Old Republic has fallen, the Jedi have all but disappeared, the galaxy is in chaos, The Empire and Rebel Alliance are fighting over dominion of known space. The Pendulum has swung many times creating new forces while destroying old ones, and now the Pendulum swings once again as our time arises. Pirates of the universe, gather near and listen for the time is right, and the stage is set. I am Night Wraith, you need not know my real name but hear my words. We would be a force to be reckoned with if we were all to join forces. Not even the mighty Imperial fleet could stop us were we to fly as one. Join The Pendulum and let us first conquer the space lanes that hold the galaxy together and then we can rule the galaxy in the way we all known it should be ruled.

Check Guild Chat every 3 hours for Grouping/Missions Starting from Noon till Midnight Pacific Time everyday!

Data Stream Update 7/23/2004:

[Incoming Transmission] As it may be obvious, the Pendulum is not currently in operation, though the Guild Hall still stands, it is currently in operation for <-PK-> "Peace Keepers" which is run out of the player city of "Iron Citadel" I am proud to be a member of it as it is exactly the type of guild/city that I had dreamed for TPEN, but the people make the guild and my choices for TPEN members were obviously flawed severly. Anyways, this website shall remain up as an example of any writings or information that I have provided. Things should definately shake up once Jump to Lightspeed is released. We shall see where it leads us. [Transmission Ended]

Data Stream 10/30/2003:

[Incoming Transmission] Just a small update tonight. I had the pleasure of attending out of the guild hunts to Dantooine and was quite impressed with our performance. We also had the help from a non-member who healed us. I definately recommend that we get some Doctors recruited ASAP. Their abilities are not just nice to have but required to take on the difficult missions. Things started off a little rough but after only a short while our strategies came together and we came out victorious. I cannot wait till the next guild hunt. [Transmission Ended]

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Latest Update: 7/23/2004

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