Hello and welcome. I know this a different page, but as it turns out, I somehow totally deleted and lost the original, but my brother tells me it sucked anyway. So here's the new page, hope you like it!
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Pack a lunch and stay all day.
Tristers Simpsons page, worth a look... I like it anyway
My brother Darrells page, but unless you like European Pop music, you might not enjoy it too much v
Come see how I spend my free time... the Harry Potter Pages
Mikeys "Playa" of the Year
award (now my site "straight up rocks ice") ^
Old Guestbook entries... (notice Eric it says "guestbook" not "chatroom") v
this website was created Jan. 2001, deleted Aug. 2002, and recreated Sept. 2002 then this one time I hired a monkey to take notes for me in class... yeah buddy
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