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Okay, I'm back (for the time being) And hopefully now I'll be adding on to this site and doing what I promised....I'll try to make it worth the wait.
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Hello, there, and welcome to my humble site. Basically, all I have are galleries and a few links. I'll probably start an entirely new site just to fit everything I'm aquiring. : ) But for now, this is it. If you have a Sailor site of your own, or know of a cool one*, please e-mail me with the URL and I'll be sure to link it!

*Note* The only sites I will not link are Hentai (sort of pornographic sites) or any having to do with Uranus' and Neptune's relationship. Goes against my beliefs.
         Thank you and enjoy!

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Just to be clear (and give credit where credit is due) all characters from Sailor Moon were created by Naoko Takuchi (thanks, Ms. Takeuchi!) And owned by various companies, such as Kodansha.....otherwise, this site is mine!

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