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Last updated: 25th May, 2004


Hello and welcome to “Chap with wings”, a website devoted to the acting spiffness that is Nicholas Courtney. Make yourself comfortable and have a look around for as long as you like, and be sure to check you still have your eyeballs when exiting as I WILL NOT post them to you.

Why "Chap With Wings"?

In Doctor Who, Nick’s role is that of the military man Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge Stewart. There is an evil daemon running about and doing nasty things to people, and instead of quaking in his boots and hiding behind his swagger stick when mentioning the malignant spirit, the Brigadier merely refers to it as a “Chap with wings”. This line was delivered so perfectly it just HAD to be made title.

So why a website?

Because they’re spiffy and worldwide and I can make one and Nicholas Courtney deserves it.

You are a loony, aren't you?

Not officially, but many of my peers believe so. Now tootle off before the spotted bean multiplies your legs. Honestly- wasting time reading this when you could be learning about such a good actor.

Anything else?

Yes. Go look at this site -> The Next Seven Days. It is very good, very funny and has Nick as the voice of God. Hoorah!

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