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The crying child in this picture represents anyone who's ever felt they were powerless to stop the pain they're in.
August, 1993
I was so exicted. Today was my first day of kindergarten. and I had already made a friend. His name was Kris and he lived just down the street from me. It was so cool!
Late 1993
Things started looking down. My dad wasn't on his medicine.
*Sigh* He was beating up my sister again. Soon, I was be the object of his rages as well. Only he rarely did me the way he did my sister. Ours was a "special"... "private" thing.
Early 1994
I escaped family life at Kris's house. I was becoming increasingly aware of an akwardness between an older male member of his family and me. I tried to ignore it, because this place was still better than home.
Late 1994
Kris and I made sculptures for his family out of play-doh. When Kris's sculpture was disliked by his sister, he ran to his room and cried. I ran after him, and the the man followed me. After Kris was told to leave the room, the man molested me. I was 6 years old. 
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